Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nights Turkistan

 in writer -Dr. Najeeb Al-Kilani, the novel, the full-text

Nights Turkestan: a magnificent novel ... Affected by the writer experiences of Muslims in other countries. Was also influenced by his experience of self, Vsql novel ideas and came out integrated. Read in Egypt or any Arab or Muslim country or a country aspiring to freedom and equality no matter what; influenced by the experience and feel that they own! And not only the experience of s Turkestan.

Prince in the novel s Turkistan: "There's hills class of pastoralists living heroes, could not be Aiqaarham aggression, did not marry their women, by force.. They drink milk goats, Iggslon wool, and worship God, the One, do not fear anyone but God... . do you know? These are the crowning of kings is not... the most nostalgic them Ya Mustafa.

ليالى تركستان لنجيب الكيلانيNights Turkistan to Najib al-Kilani

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