Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The World of Body vs. World of Soul

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The World of Body vs. World of Soul by Iqbal

Delve deep into your buried Self, and find the clue to life,
If you cannot be mine then be not, but be your own;
World of soul- a world of fire, ecstasy and longing,
World of body- a world of gain, fraud and cunning;
The treasure of the spirit once again gained is never lost again,
The treasure of the body is a shadow- wealth comes and goes ;
In the world of soul I have found no Frankish rule,
In that world no Sheikh or Brahmin I have seen;
This saying of the Qalandar poured shame and shame on me;
When you kneel to anothers might neither body nor soul is your own.

Note: Iqbal uses the Qalandar as a symbol for the evolved man who has realized in himself the truth of self-development.
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