Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doctors Zombies refrain ----الأطباء الكسالى يمتنعون

Dr. Sonnet .cardiologist

In the experience of me, I had decided a patient's medicine-type beta-blockers before surgery about a week. And that according to the rules recognized by the medical several years ago. The patient suffering from high blood pressure and has a newly discovered diabetes. What was the consultant of sedation, who asked not to take this medicine so as not to affect him in anesthesia during the operation. How will it or the patient? Patient take the dose should also be no increase or decrease the demand in such situations. And prepare well before surgery to be a heartbeat in the normal range and the drug prevents clots heart rate of the process significantly. And if he does not know anything about what you should do before the process of preparation of the patient in spite of years of experience and scientific university degree. I thought first of all to discuss it and understand it perhaps the fact that his point of view. But I declined because I know what it means of this sentence exactly. Doctors in Egypt walking according to the principle of saving yourself and security. If it did any harm to the patient. May say that the drug - any drug is not a certain type - that is to kill or cause complications. The lack of confidence in themselves and some do not know some of the rules of the modern scientific reasons for this behavior. As well as conflicting opinions of medical doctors with whom Some errors thrown haphazardly on others.

 For example, there should not be given the drug solvent of the stroke, which must be given in about a few hours of pain to the chest. And arguing falsely that the patient and pray too late, after these hours or they took the time in preparation in terms of set pressure and so on. This will take the real estate!. And worse they are coming out to tell the people of the patient that he had received the necessary treatment. All of this counterfeiting fear of complications and have a normal proportion of well-known but God would not prevent it because of this drug. And possibly for fear of sitting for hours to follow up the patient, while giving this drug. And most of our patient Outsmarting says my friend Dodi. Of this right as they do without fear or compunction. Doctors convicted of the new doctor does not know and do not make an effort to understand and another doctor knows and does not implement his duty and another doctor does not know junior doctors. Yes, God is enough and the proxy. And patients in other countries know the details of their condition well. But read the medical sites belonging to patients only on the Internet. And then know their rights well and is difficult to deceive them. While there is a good medical system, and integrated and strict control over the service makes it difficult to neglect. Take for example the Gulf and Europe and America. And compare it with Egypt.

And because - no use - I join my colleague Dhactor anesthetic - anesthesiologist undergraduate class: - We must continue treatment to the old ways and not follow the new rules in medicine. And God's mercy on medicine in Egypt.

The doctor has to be active and educated and interactive, not lazy and ignorant and isolated. This opens the door of the upbringing of our doctors. And this is another hadeeth, God willing.

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الأطباء الكسالى يمتنعون

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