Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Qualities of Good will Ambassador

Qualities of Good will Ambassador

(Dr. A.P. Mohamed Ali, I.P.S®)

Start with the flashing smile.
Fail not to say, ‘Hallo’ to a stranger.
Show a right direction to a stranger looking for address.
Shove off the obstruction stones, sticks, glass pieces and nails on the footbath.
Show comfort and compassion to the special people.
Extend your helping hand to the elderly persons to carry weighty bags.
Feed the birds with eatables to birds, cows with the greens, water the plants and feed the sickly and needy persons.
Pay a courtesy call to the elderly citizens, sickly persons and persons languishing in prisons.
Be helpful letter writer to the blind, handicapped and illiterate.
(When I was a student of New college in 1967 I used to visit Egmore Ophthalmic hospitals with post card and inland letters to write letters to the eye patients during holidays)

Be a Traffic warden nearby school zone or pedestrian cross to help school children, women, elderly and handicapped.
Be a volunteer and first aid worker to help the victims of the accident, riots and natural calamities.
While driving give a lift to the genuine persons on need.
Voluntarily offer your seat while travelling in public transports to the aged, pregnant and women with child.
Pay visits to relatives with small gifts and don’t forget to carry toffees to children.
Speak softly and sweetly and be a good listener. Don’t expect that everyone should agree on your views.
Compliment your wife with praise and sweet words. Be a good tutor and model in character to your children.
Celebrate your happiness with the poor children and inmates of the aged homes.
Be a companion of good books.
Don’t loose the good friends.
Above all thank Allah when you raise in the morning for waking you alive and before going to bed in the night for making you alive to enjoy the worldly life.

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