Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All the doctrines of what he eats!

Drsonnet Sonnet Cardiology specialist

 Obsession with food regulations: all doctrines of what he eats!
Early Egyptian proverb says, "everything that you likeThat is, if you are luxurious to the extent you can find different types of foods to choose what you like. . And better to eat what you can barely buy if you are not luxurious.  And say Thank God like me.

There is no question that obesity and thinness are the consequences of satisfying multiple. And focus on health food is important from childhood to old age. Modify the quality of the food includes, for example changing the proportions of carbohydrates and protein, or increasing vitamins and fiber, or reduce the fat. . And change the amount of food will be an increase or decrease the quantities of some or all of the system measured by diet dietician.

 But that takes us to an obsessive preoccupation, this is sick.  This obsession comes from people who are different from us because of luxury and luxury or a bug in the mind Until almost compel us one of the programs to the satellite channels to weigh all Balumblygram what we eat and drink And do not forget to calculate the number of calories per day. The increased Falwell us.

Orthorexia Orthorexia
(Oortorixia) is an expression formulated by Dr. Steven Bratman And the first section means correct or straight, while the second section means appetite And points (Oortorixia) to the obsession with eating better food, in terms of how, quality and quality.  And differs from (Alonorixia) known quantity of food cassette or anorexia nervosa, which mostly affects teenage girls.
 And is characterized by the people of the (Oortorixia) with the following:
 * Spend more than three hours a day thinking of healthy food.
·  * Planning tomorrow's menu today.
·  * Feel some satisfaction from what they eat, but they do not enjoy it very much.
. * Determine that the preparation of foods they eat.
·  * Feel socially isolated from others because of foods that are difficult for them to eat only in their homes.
·  * Criticize others; because they do not eat just like them.
· * Food taller loved before; because it is not sound in their opinion.
· * Feel good and control of themselves if they ate the food properly.
·  * Feel guilt and remorse when they are away from their system in the eating.
· . * Punished themselves if they strayed from their diet as a form of penance.
 This mania or disorder not rated yet such as sickness or health official. . And advise me on articles, saying: If you suffer from that, go to a nutritionist or doctor.  In the end say what he eats all doctrines!
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كل فيما يأكل مذاهب!

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