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IIT-JEE results out: Rahmani-30 results low, ranks high

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,
Patna: Trying hard to repeat last year’s success, Rahmani-30 coaching centre for Muslim IIT aspirants has secured 33% results this year in IIT-JEE. However, the ranks of its successful students this year are higher than those of last year. According to the results of IIT-JEE 2010, announced at 8 am today, of 12 students of Rahmani-30 who had appeared in the April 11 test, only four have qualified for admission in IIT.
Congratulations to Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani and ADGP Abhayanand, the heart and brain behind Rahmani-30 experiment, on this success.

(L-R) Md Neyaz Ahmad, Mobashshir Hameed Nazri, Shahbaz Haidar, Imbesat Ahmad
List of students of Rahmani-30 who cracked IIT-JEE-2010
Shahbaz Haidar
Imbesat Ahmad
Mohammad Neyaz Ahmad
7119/ 1085(OBC)
Mobashshir Hameed Nazri

“The result of IIT-JEE-2010 is out now and by the grace of Almighty Allah, students of Rahmani 30 have once again proven with their success that strong will and sincere labour can let one achieve any goal easily. Supported by commendable and efficient efforts of Shri Abhyanand Ji, ADGP (Academic Head of Rahmani 30) and able faculty members and under graceful supervision and care of prominent Islamic scholar Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani (Chairman, Rahmani Foundation, Khanqah Munger), the students of the institution have made themselves among selected ones of one of the most prestigious and toughest competitive examinations of the country,” Rahmani-30 release said.
The first batch of Rahmani-30, managed by the Rahmani Foundation of Munger, had got 100% success. Rahmani-30 was launched in July 2008 and the first batch appeared in IIT-JEE in April 2009. There were 10 students in the first batch. But the result of the second batch comprising 12 students, is not satisfactory, at least according to the popular expectation. However, Maulana Wali Rahmani, the patron of Rahmani-30 and Abyanand, ADGP, and the Academic Head of Rahmani-30, are satisfied with the results of their hard work.

“As usual we are very happy with the efforts we have made and with whatever results we have got,” Abhyanand told
On why only one-third of the students of Rahmani-30 got success this year, the senior police officer of Bihar said: “Last year, the results were including the extended merit list. But this year none of our students is in the extended list. That’s why the results this year are more realistic.”
Talking to media, Maulana Wali Rahmani expressed happiness over the results and congratulated Abhayanand and the faculty for the success.

Result being shown to Maulana Wali Rahmani, Abhayand on the extreme left
Rahmani-30 can feel satisfied with the fact that the ranks of the successful students this year are much higher compared to the last year.
Of 10 successful students of Rahmani-30 in 2009, six were in the extended list. Among the rest four, two had ranks above 6000 and two others between 1900-2000.

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