Sunday, May 23, 2010


The word Taliban derived from the Arabic word Talaba, which means religious students. Originally, Taliban are religious students who study in the various religious schools in Pakistan and then they turn military and call themselves as Taliban. They obtain their military training in Pakistan. Taliban take over Afghanistan from the Mujahidin. Taliban rule Afghanistan with the Syariat Laws. Whoever committed fornication or adultery are punished under the syariat Laws. Regarded as the sources of evils under Taliban government, women must remain in the houses and not allowed to work or expose to public. Whenever a woman wants to go out of the house, she must cover properly and wear proper veils. Many women lost their jobs during Taliban rules including those women whose husband had died. As a result, many women who lost her husband and her job have to undergo a life of poverty. They were making prayer day and night and asking Almighty Allah to remove Taliban government from Afghanistan. Allah accepted their prayer and in 22 September 2001, Allah used the Americans to remove Taliban government from ruling Afghanistan.
The government that rule Afghanistan now is under the control of Americans. America is not colonizing Afghanistan but whatever Afghanistan wants to do must have the consent of America. When America attacked Afghanistan in September 2001, it took America only seven days to defeat the Taliban. America took over Afghanistan and Taliban disperse all over the country, and some went to the neighboring country of Pakistan. Using guerilla warfare Taliban is attacking Americans in Afghanistan and at the same times, Taliban is attacking the government of Pakistan, which supports America to fight Taliban. In retaliation Taliban try to cause chaos in many large cities of Pakistan such as Lahore and Islamabad by doing suicidal bombing.
In the attack, many people had died and most of them are innocent public. With frequent incident of suicidal bombing Pakistan lately has become the land of blood and tear. Taliban and Pakistanis are both Muslims. Taliban has regarded Pakistan government and the people of Pakistan as their enemies because Pakistan support America to attack Taliban. Now the situation seems to become very ironic that Muslims are killing Muslims. The same situation had happened to Aceh, Indonesia prior to Tsunami whereby Muslims were killing Muslims. Whoever suspected by Aceh Liberation Army to be collaborating with the Government of Indonesia was regarded by them as their enemies. Without mercy and proper investigation, they killed most of these innocent people. When Muslims are killing Muslims, we are inviting the wrath of Allah. When Allah’s anger is with us, He will sent catastrophe to punish us. Allah had sent Tsunami to punish the peoples of Acheh whereby more than hundreds of thousands of people died. Taliban must stop suicidal bombing and killing of innocent Muslims. The innocent Muslims have relatives and parents that are Muslims, they will make prayer to Almighty Allah, and they will ask Allah to punish and eliminate the Taliban.
Taliban must accept defeat and stop suicidal bombing that largely killed innocent Muslims. The more innocent Muslims killed by Taliban the more Allah’s anger is with them. The killing of innocent Muslims will be the means of Taliban destruction. When a Muslims kill another Muslims, both will enter hellfire when both want to kill each other. When a Muslim kill another innocent Muslim that does not have the intention to kill the other Muslims, the one that kill the Muslim will enter hellfire but the Muslim that is killed will enter paradise. Allah prohibit us even disgracing another Muslims what more killing a Muslim. The situation that has happened in Pakistan must attract the attention of the World Islamic leaders. Muslims leaders must come with a solution to stop the Taliban from killing the innocent Muslims. In case we failed to solve the problem, Allah will solve it by sending catastrophe to Taliban and Pakistanis as Allah has sent to the Aceh people of Indonesia.
The war between Taliban and the Government of Pakistan is wasting the energy of the Muslims. The war is between Muslims and it should stop immediately. All Muslims leaders in the whole world must try to persuade Taliban to stop the war. The war brings no good to Taliban or Pakistan and the Muslims at large. The whole world is watching Muslims killing another Muslims. In order to end the war Muslim leaders must invite the leaders of Taliban for discussion. In case, discussion does not work to end the war, Muslims in the whole world should conclude that Taliban is the enemies of Muslims. When another Muslim wants to have peace with another Muslim, we must accept and becomes brothers again. When we reject the offer of peace from our Muslim brothers, we are making Allah’s anger with us.
Allah has made America to attack Afghanistan and able to drive away the Taliban from governing Afghanistan. This happen due to Taliban’s own wrongdoings while governing Afghanistan .When Taliban cannot accept defeat and continue to fight the American in order to gain back Afghanistan it cause problems to Pakistan. America asks Pakistan to help them to fight Taliban as America has help Pakistan in many instances in the past. America has help Pakistan from bankruptcy and Pakistan is indebted to help America. Taliban cannot expect Pakistan not to help America as American has helped Pakistan. The best solution to end the problem in my opinion, Taliban should stop the war that has bring the anger of Allah to Taliban and to go back to religious school to learn Islam. When they have completed their studies, they should spend the rest of their life doing dakwah to non-Muslims and reminding the Muslims to obey Allah and His Prophet.
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
March 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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