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What is the centre of the body? The centre of the body is the stomach. All nerves and blood vessels have connection with the stomach and all organs have connection with the stomach. When the stomach is in pain, other parts of the body are also in pain. The nerves in the stomach have connection with all organs in the body. Gastric ulcer can cause pain in some other parts of the body known as referred pain. Some patients may complain of back pain that originated in the stomach. Usually the pain is due to stomach ulcers. When the ulcers are treated and cured, the pain disappears. Stomach produced hydrochloric acid, the acid cut the food into small pieces, and the enzymes also secreted by the stomach digest the food. Stomach also produces mucus that coated the layer of the stomach and prevents the stomach from digested by the hydro chloric acid. When some parts of the stomach is expose to the acid then it caused pain and that pain is known as gastric pain which is known commonly as gastritis .The pain can occasionally become very severe and in order to remove the pain, administration of painkiller is often necessary.

Gastric pain is a very common medical condition and when gastritis is not treated, it can lead to gastric ulcers. When the ulcers are not treated, it may cause cancer and it may become perforated .When the ulcers have become perforated surgical intervention is necessary. It is important to treat the gastritis at the early stage. What causes gastritis? Many scientists believe the bacteria Helicobacter pylori caused gastritis. Other than the bacteria, stress also caused gastritis. The body heavily uses sodium and potassium when a person is stress and the minerals sodium that are stored in the walls of the stomach are robbed by the body .At times of stress the mineral sodium and potassium are used in order to cope with the stress. Our foods contain abundant potassium and its deficiency in our body is rare .When the mineral sodium is deficient in the body, and then the body has to take sodium stored in the walls of our stomach. Because of stress the tissues of the walls of the stomach becomes inflamed and together with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, it caused gastritis and later ulcer.
In order to treat gastritis and ulcers we have to treat the stress and to kill the bacteria. We also have to provide the body with organic sodium. Our salts contain inorganic sodium and the body does not easily absorb it. Organic sodium is contained in our foods. Besides the treatments of stress and giving probiotic or antibiotics in order to kill the bacteria, we also have to advice the patients to take care of their diets and to take foods that contain more mineral sodium. In order to cure gastritis or ulcers the blood in the body has to carry sufficient amount of oxygen to the stomach. The blood will not carry sufficient oxygen to the stomach when the blood is toxemia. Blood will become toxemia when bowel movements are poor. Because of poor bowel movement, the blood will absorb the toxin and eliminated via the skin or the kidney. When a person has poor bowel movement, the blood will be toxemia. The treatment of poor bowel movement should starts before the treatment of gastritis or ulcer begins. When we treat gastritis without treating the bowel movements our treatment of gastritis or ulcer will not be effective.
One of the causes of poor bowel movement is stress. When a person has stress, the acidity of the mucus lining the walls of the bowel becomes more acidic. As a result, the amount of bad bacteria inhabiting the bowel increased and the amount of good bacteria decreased. Billion of bacteria are inhibiting the bowels and the proportion of good and bad bacteria present in the bowel varies according to the lifestyle of the person. A bowel is good when the amount of good bacteria is more than the bad bacteria. The amount of bad bacteria in the bowel should not exceed fifteen percent of the total bacterial inhabitant in the bowel. The good bacteria helps the body in digestion by producing enzymes and it also helps the bowel to perform peristalsis and the good bacteria also produce vitamin B,proteins and broad spectrum antibiotics. When bad bacteria in the bowel are more than the tolerable limit, the bowel does not perform peristalsis well and the person will have poor bowel movements. One of the treatments of poor bowel movements is to administer good bacteria into the person bowel. Other reasons of poor bowel movements are insufficient fibers in the diet, lack of exercises and drinks very little plain water. Daily we have to drink at least eight glasses of plain water.
Stress is because of wrong behaviour and poor diet. Stress due wrong behaviour can be remedied using self-talk therapy and stress due to poor diets can be treated by prescribing food supplements and correct regimen of food intake daily. We can diagnose stress and bowel movements by looking at the iris and the pupil of the eyes. If you have gastritis or stomach ulcer, get it treated early before it becomes chronic and remember the stomach is the centre of the body. A person will not be healthy if the stomach is not healthy. Contacts 03-61853089 for appointments
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
January 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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That is what is not understood by most that neglect of gastritis can lead to as much as cancer.Stress is definitely a factor for the constipation problem and should be reduced.


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