Friday, May 14, 2010

They used to say...Nostalgia

Drsonnet Sonnet Cardiology specialist

They used to say…
Few years ago, they used to say: no way, the child would not continue in our live more than 6 month.

Now, they never say it for any family even if diagnosed late.
In the coming years, we hope we can diagnose CHD very early.

More important, we hope we can interfere once diagnosed and not be limited with financial or administrative issues.

Shall we stay relaxed in our golden clinics; waiting for them to come?
Am I enforced to see all children with congenital heart diseases in one or two pictures? Either cyanosed or in heart failure,…..or concisely at the end stage of their illness. At this moment, the only solution will be heart-lung transplantation. I dislike this moment.

Can we see them earlier than this stage? One year, one month before.
Can we go and move out of our places to discover them in their home.

Just a Nostalgia...
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