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Biography of Kamal Uddin

Favourite Quotations:
“Invite all to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching” Holy Qur’an 16:125

Biography of Kamal Uddin

Kamal Uddin was born on 28th June 1984. His family originates from Bangladesh, however among his family he was born in England. Kamal grew up in Hyde, a town in Greater Manchester.
In summer 1996 Kamal boarded an Islamic school in Bolton called Al Jamia-Al Islamiyya. He studied a course to memorise the whole Noble Qur’an. During the month of Ramadan in November 2000 halfway through his course, sadly his father Haji Malkas Ali passed away. By the grace of Allah at the end of 2001 Kamal finished his course and became a qualified Hafiz. Immediately after, The Hyde Jamia Mosque offered him to lead the next Ramadan prayers. At the time Kamal was only 17 years old. Having been successful he was offered to teach children at the Islamic Centre based in the Mosque and also to lead and call people to prayers. In September 2002 Kamal boarded Jamia Al-Karam in Retford to study Arabic grammar. After a year he returned back to Hyde Jamia Mosque to carry on his duties there.
Knowing at an early age his talent in reciting the Qur’an and singing Nasheeds, he opened a Nasheed class where young children can enjoy learning about Islam by singing Nasheeds and also a separate Hafiz class so he can teach others to memorise the Noble Qur’an like himself.
During January 2005, Kamal took his mother to Saudi Arabia, to perform the largest Islamic pilgrimage – Hajj. Having been inspired from his Hajj experience, Kamal started to compose his own lyrics for his first album. This was launched in August 2005 and became a huge success gaining Kamal his recognition as a Nasheed Artist after performing at the 1st Global Peace and Unity Event organised by the Islam Channel.
In May 2006, due to heavy demand from his listeners all over the world, Kamal released his second Album ‘Illallah’. This Album immediately became a bigger success selling in all leading Islamic stores. Shortly after in August, Kamal took a big step in his life and got married.
Kamal has taken part in many performances throughout the U.K and has impressed the internationally known propagator of Islam, Dr Zakir Naik, whilst performing during his talks. He has also had the honour to perform alongside other Nasheed artists such as Yahya Hawa, Ahmed Bukhatir, Zain Bhikha and many more. He is now working closely with IQRA Promotions, Sheffield on many new projects including his third Album along with a Nasheed Video.
An Imam, a Hafiz, a Haji and a Nasheed artist. A remarkable talented dear brother: Kamal Uddin.
By Monuwar Ali
Kamal Uddin at The Global Peace & Unity Event!
May Peace be upon you!
May The Almighty Allah reward all my brothers and sisters who attended the GPU event & supported me all the way. My objective at the event was to unite the muslim ummah through my nasheeds & to remind them as well as myself first about our Creater, Allah The Almighty, Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the only true way of life that could bring universal peace, Islam.
I was amazed by the huge response I gained from the crowd. One of my favourite moments was when I met many youngsters who came up to me and told me that they have memorised surah’s (chapters from the Holy Qur’an) and nasheeds from my album by heart Masha Allah. I also remember a father who wanted me to listen to his child recite Surah Ar Rahmaan because he wants him to become a Haafiz (memoriser of the whole Qur’an).
As a result of this I can now declare that I am now working on my next album which shall contain Surah Yaa-seen and several nasheeds Insha Allah
May Allah Reward you Always!
Kamal Uddin
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