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All About Kayalpatnam and Around Kayalpatnam

kayalpatnam   Arsul Jannaa - Island Street
All About Kayalpatnam

Kayalpatnam is a town located in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu state in South India. It is officially classified as a third grade municipality and has a population of over 32,000 according to the 2001 all-India census.

Kayalpatnam is a predominantly muslim town. Many of its inhabitants live outside Kayalpatnam - in places across India (especially Chennai and in Kerala) and overseas (especially in the Gulf, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Thailand).

Kayalpatnam is also spelled as Kayalpattinam and Kayalpattanam.
Elevation0 metres
Time Zone+5.5 Hrs
IDD Code91
STD Code4639
PIN Code628204
StateTamil Nadu
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Population: 32,664 (2001 Census)
Male: 15,010
Female: 17,654
Age 0-6 Population: 4,275 (2001 Census)
Male: 2,241
Female: 2,034
No. of Literates: 25,177 (88.69%) (2001 Census)
Male: 11,697 (91.60%)
Female: 13,480 (86.29%)
Sex Ratio: 1000:1176 (2001 Census) (Male:Female)
% of Muslims: about 75% (estimate)
No. of Voters: 28,111 (Men - 13,922; Women - 14,189)
Area: 12.5
No. of Wards: 18
No. of Streets: 78
No. of Street Lights: 1114 (estimate)
No. of Houses: 7,320 (2001 Census)
Distance From
Kayalpatnam to:
Tiruchendur - about 8 kms away - is home to a Murugan temple, believed by Hindus to be one among six such places in Tamil Nadu. Receives thousands of visitors at several times during the year for many festivals - including Brahmotsavams, Vishaakam, Kandha Sasthi and Soora Samharam. Has men's and women's colleges. Many natives of Kayalpatnam own farmhouses here (none too grand; lot of trees - palm and coconut, covered areas and bathing facility)

Tuticorin - about 33 kms away - is the district headquarters, home to industries like that of SPIC and Sterlite. It is also renowned for its pearl industry. Also has a busy port and a railway station (with trains to Chennai, Bangalore and other places). A small airport - at Vagaikulam - is close by. Panchalam Kurichi (Kattabomman Memorial Fort) is about 25 kms from Tuticorin, Kazhugumalai (Jain Cave Temple) is about 25 kms from Kovilpatti, Ettayapuram (Bharatiyar Birth place) is about 20 kms from Kovilpatti. Mannaparai - reputed for its ancient church with bleeding cross is also nearby

Tirunelveli - about 55 kms away - is a bustling city with many hospitals and educational institutions. Railway station is well connected and it is a major junction. It is also a major agricultural centre - surrounded by paddy fields (it reputedly gets its name because of this : nel-veli, tiru is from the temple to Shiva found here)

Courtallam - about 115 kms away (58 kms from Tirunelveli) - is famous for its water falls - about 7 of them in fact. The water is of Chittar River and the best time to visit is between June and September. Many believe its waters have medicinal value, receives thousands of visitors during peak season. Saral festival is famous. Some natives of Kayalpatanam have guest bungalows here. A mosque - built with significant contributions from natives of Kayalpatnam and Kilakarai - is situated in a prominent location. Tenkasi railway station is about 6 kms from here

Kanyakumari is the southern most point of mainland India, a major tourist spot - famous for the confluence of three seas, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, Vivekanandar Rock and Thiruvalluvar Statue. It is about 90 kms away. There are several places of interest - including Udaygiri Fort, Mathur Hanging Bridge, Padmanadapuram Palace (about 35 kms from Kanyakumari), Muttom Beach (about 16 kms from Nagercoil), Thiruparapu Falls (about 72 kms from Kanyakumari), Pechiparai Dam (about 74 kms from Kanyakumari), Baywatch (which promotes itself as No.1 seaside amusement park) and a few other places

Kulasekarapatnam - about 30 kms away - has many muslim families, but is more famous for its beach, 300-year old Mutharamman temple and the festivities surrounding Dussera

Madurai - about 130 kms away - is another famous temple town, home to Meenakshiamman Temple. It is also now a major commercial city, hosting several industries. It has a well-connected airport and railway station. Athisayam theme park is close by

Souce : Wildlife Sanctuary
Manjolai (about 57 kms from Tirunelveli), Koonthankulam Birds Sanctuary (about 38 kms from Tirunelveli), Mundanthurai-Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary (near Ambasamudram and Cheranmahadevi which are about 20 kms from Tirunelveli), Manimuthar Dam (about 47 kms from Tirunelveli) and Papanasam Dam (about 49 kms from Tiruneveli) are popular tourist spots. Panathertham, where the Tamaraparani River originates, is close to Papanasam

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