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Special Ibaadats recommended for Laÿla-tul-Bara'at

Special Ibaadats recommended for Laÿla-tul-Bara'at

 Since the night in Islam begins upon sunset, as soon as we end namaz Maghrib, achieve 6 raka'ats nafils in the following way (3 times 2 raka'ats) of Swalaat-ul-Awwaabeen:

 The 2 first rakaats with the special niyyat (intention): "Li tu'lil unssi bil khaÿr" i.e. that Allah ta'ala grant us a long and happy life along with his favours. After these 2 raka'ats, read one time the sourah Yaaseen and the du’a Niswfé-Sha'baan.

 The 2 following raka'ats with the special niyyat "Daafi'il balaayah" i.e., that Allah preserve us of all misfortunes and calamities. Then read once again the sourah Yaaseen and the du’a Niswfe-Sha'baan.

 The 2 last raka'ats with the niyyat "Li-wussatir-rizq" i.e. that Allah Ta' ala grant us food and other resources for our subsistence. Then read once again the sourah Yaaseen and the du’a Niswfe-Sha'baan.

 Then, after the namaz Isha, achieve 12 raka'ats of namaz nafils (2 by 2 raka'ats) as follows: in each raka'at, after sourah al-Faatihah, read 10 times sourah al-Ikhlaass ("Qul huwallaahu ahad…"). After the salaam, read (using a tasbeeh) 100 times Daroud shareef, 100 times the 1st kalimah (kalimah-twayyib), 100 times the 2nd kalimah (kalimah-shahaadat) and 100 times the 3rd kalimah (kalimah-tamjeed). Then go into sajdah (prostration) to make your du'as (supplications). [check our link on Kalimahs]

Also, accomplish during that night, all the ibaadats which you are able to perform, namaz nafils for example the swalaat-ul-tasbeeh, swalaat-ut-tahajjud, reading of the holy Koran, Darood shareef, tasbeehs and wazeefahs. Pray according to your capacity. And observe the roza during the 13th, 14th  and 15th  days of Sha'baan and make charity. In countries where it is possible, one can accomplish the sunnat which consists to go for ziyaarat (visit) of the qabarastaan (cemetery) during this blessed night. For those who have the capacity to spend the whole night in ibaadats, will be of a great benefit.

 Make du'as so that deen-e-Islaam progresses in the hearts of people. And do not forget, in your du'as, those who are suffering, those who are in misery and sorrow and also those who undergo injustice and so on…

 May Allah ta’ala accept our du'as and grant all of us his protection. Aameen!
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