Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What should one do to be rich?

S.A. Mansoorali. M. A., B.Ed

Anas Ibn Malik reports that a Bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah (saws) and greeted him in the mosque. The Messenger of Allah (saws) asked him where did he come from. The Bedouin said: "I came from far seeking answers to some questions". Our master told him to ask his questions. One of the questions the Bedouin asked was this: What should one do to be rich? Holy Prophet (saws) Replied, "Read Surah Muzzammil".
What could be the possible relation between reading of this surah and the person becoming rich? Allah (SWT) gave certain instructions to His Prophet (SAW) in this surah at the very early period of his prophethood.
The following are the instructions in Surah Muzzammil:
1. To stand by night for prayer – Naashiatal Lail.
2. To recite the Quran slowly – Rattilil Quran.
3. To remember Allah (SWT) – Dhikr.
4. To devote to Him wholeheartedly - Tabtil.
5. To take Allah (SWT) as our Wakeel - Tawakkul.
6. To have patience - Sabr.
7. To leave the opponents with dignity - hajrun jameel.
8. To offer regular prayers - Salah
9. To pay regular Charity - Zakah
10. To give beautiful loan to Allah - Qardan hasanah
11. To send forth "whatever good" for our own soul - Khair
12. To ask for forgiveness - Istigfar.

Can you guess now the relation between the question – "What should one do to be rich?" and the answer by the Prophet: Holy Prophet (saws) Replied, "Read Surah Muzzammil".

What should one do to be rich?
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