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The virtues of Hadith shareef

The virtues of Hadith shareef

The word hadith means report. It is by definition, the sayings of the beloved Prophet   related back by his Sahabis r.a (companions). The lessons which is there make the sunnah (principles) of the holy Prophet , which along with the words of Allah ta’ala in the holy Koran saint, constitute the basis of Shari'at (the Islamic law).

Allah orders us to obey his orders (koranic order) and to obey his beloved Prophet   (hadiths), this means to be obedient, i.e. to be Muslim.

Many people think that the words of Allah and the words of the holy Prophet   are like two seperate things. But, for us the Sunnis, we have a very great consideration for the lessons of the beloved Prophet  since Allah himself specifies to us in the holy Koran: "Those who obey the messenger have in fact obeyed Allah" [ sourah 4  – verse 80].

We also often refer to the "Saha-sittah" which means the 6 books of hadiths considered as authentic (swaheeh). They are the hadiths of: Bukhaari, Muslim, Tirmizi, Abu-Daaoud, Ibné-Maajah and Nasaï. Which does not mean that the other hadiths do not have importance. All the hadiths since they emanate from the holy Prophet    must be subjected to our attention. We sunnis, we grant much importance to other hadiths such as: Mishkaat, Baÿhaqi, Tibraani, Ibné-`Aadi, Haakim, etc…

We warn however, those who, with an ease nowadays, think that they are allowed to interpret or use hadiths to divert people, without them having a thorough knowledge of hadiths. 

Since these sayings are those of the beloved Prophet   who is the most intelligent creature that Allah has created, this means that the lessons which are there are of an eminent level accordingly to the character of the holy Prophet  himself. Therefore, it is necessary to be intelligent to be able to understand the essence of these words and lessons full of wisdom. For these reasons, we estimate that those who are allowed to transmit sciences resulting from the hadiths must be those who made extensive studies in hadiths and hadith matters, and in the deen in general, to really be able to understand the deep and true meanings of these prophetic lessons. We highly recommend all of us to consult the `aalims (erudite scholar and wise experts) on the matter.

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