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5 03 2010

We have been facing with the problems of drug addicts since early seventies. During those times, many Malaysians especially the young Malays have become drug addicts. Alarmed by the phenomena the Government formed the Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan,  AADK to curb with the problems and many rehabilitation centers, known as Pusat Serenti are set up all over the country in order to rehabilitate the addicts. The center until today still exists in many parts of the country. Is Pusat Serenti, doing rehabilitation works on the addicts or it is only a centre to keep the addicts in custody similar to the jail that keep prisoners in custody? In order to run the center, it costs money to the government and the money of the government is the money of the peoples. The addicts normally kept in the center for two years and during that times the addicts are supposed to undergo rehabilitation programmed.

What is the effectiveness of the programmed conducted by the center? Is the programmed effective or is only a mere waste of the government money. Nobody seems to worry about the amount of money spend by the government to rehabilitate the addicts and worse still the programmed does not seems to produce significant results in reducing the number of addicts in the country. When an addicts leave the centre they again come back to their bad habits of addiction and the process seems to continue in a vicious circle. Since the money belongs to the people, nobody is worried about the large amount of money spends in rehabilitating the addicts that gives very little result.

We have to start questioning about the method used to rehabilitate the addicts. When the results are insignificant then we have to change to another method of treatment. We have to do research on other methods of treatments of addicts. One addict told me about his experience while he was in the centre. He has gone to the center twice and his addiction towards drugs remains. When he came out of the centre, he again went on addiction. He told me, when he was in the centre occasionally after solat magrib there was religious lecture and other than that, all other activities were mainly physical activities.  In short, the addicts are trained similar to the soldiers are trained in the army camp. There is no treatment given to the addicts on their mindset and believe towards drugs. As the mindset and believe towards drugs remain the same before and after entering the centre the moment the drug addicts leave the centre, they immediately resume their addiction habit.

Addiction to drug is a behavioral disease. It is resulted from wrong believe and mental outlook towards drugs. Drug addicts think that the drugs give them benefit. They think the drugs give them energy to work and the ability to think soundly. Whenever they take drugs, they become energetic, happy, and able to carry on with their daily chores. When they do not take drugs, they become tired, unhappy and non-energetic to do their works. The drugs addicts experience a boost of their energy whenever they take drugs .These experience make them to think and to believe that the drugs are beneficial to them. They are addicted to drugs because of their wrong believe and mental outlook towards drugs. The rehabilitation programmed of drug addicts should involve the treatment of their wrong mindset and believe toward drugs .With the grace of Allah I have developed a self-talk therapy to treat the negative mindset and believe of drug addicts. I have used the self-talk therapy to treat drugs addicts that have come to my clinic for treatment. One of my patients, a drug addicts took the therapy as prescribed, and in about six months, he was free from drug addiction, which he had suffered in the last twenty years.
‘I have a patient who is drugs addict since twenty years ago and his age when he came to see me was about forty years. His brother a friend of mine brought him to see me for the treatments of drugs addiction. He admitted that he has been to the drugs rehabilitation center twice but the moment he leaves the center, he was on drugs again. Many attempts he has made to stop addiction but with not much success. He was currently taking heroin daily and he also smoke. I treated him for drugs addiction using the self-talk therapy. After one month of taking treatment, he manages to stop taking drugs for a couple of days in a week. After four months he manages to stop taking drugs completely but the desires to take drugs remain strong in him. After one year, he was drugs free and now he is healthy.

How much our country will save money when every addict that has entered our center cured completely from addiction? When we can cure drug addicts, we also can solve many of our criminal problems. Most of the criminal problems that our country is having have to a certain extent a relationship with drug addiction. When we can treat drug addiction we can saved a lot of the government money. Instead of spending money on the present drug rehabilitation programmed that does not give positive results, we can use the money on self-talk therapy. I hope the government or the agencies related to drugs rehabilitation programmed can used the self-talk therapy on drug addiction in the various Pusat Serenti, all over the country. As at present, we do not have better alternatives to treat drug addiction, the use of this therapy is indeed worth trying. In case the government or anyone is interested please contact Mr Sharul Nizam 012 6267945. To have a glimpse and to know the concept of the therapy please CLICK
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
March 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Source : http://mthago.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/drug-addicts-the-treatment-2/

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