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Hibpti Sarajevo إعلان ....هام...جدا

Hibpti Sarajevo

Excerpts from the end of the play
( Hibpti Sarajevo) for the writer Dr. Najeeb Al-Kilani.

Ali: will we recall a friend, a Palestinian doctor who lives in Bosnia for more than thirty years .. It runs efficiently and the hospital is the secret Mujahid with us since the beginning.
Blalovic: Do not go to the hideout ..
Ali (smiling in bitterness): It is to them if they hid .. The word is no longer horrified death of an old .. down to the men and ordered them my orders to try to aid the wounded, and pull the dead from the debris .. not .. .. but Sonzl I am ..
Blalovic: But the danger is imminent to us.
Ali: the people need leadership and example.
Ali: We have no other choice.
(Closes the device and then turn to his brother and tell him Blalovic)
Let us make people prepare for possible air raid that the United Nations resolutions on the Serbs denied the use of aircraft against us, and even prevent the flight originally.
Blalovic: and where the United Nations, the decision violates every day.
Ali: And we have no planes, O Blalovic.
Blalovic: the right of a scoundrel of the powerful.
(Gen Ali kidnaps a package of papers and throwing them in the fireplace and lit it on fire)
Blalovic: What is this, O my brother??
Ali: United Nations resolutions and the Security Council and the recommendations of the international mediators.
(Catch fire in the fireplace, extended his hands to Idvihma) Come Blalovic to warm up your hands you the other and if you think that these papers do not include the warmth of the burning at all, it is in vain, O Blalovic.
Ali: Even men of God must be the end of their lives. It does not matter to die or live .. it is important to keep the word of God is the Supreme
Imagine that my brother Zrad_i_ poet ... something ironic that the poet should tender conscience and a sense of how write some nice carnage .. then it was a doctor myself familiar with the occult that damned souls secretion of civilization dirty ..
Oh, Ruler of the Serbs will remind you of history ugliest qualities and villainy vile .. it comes out his tongue to the international community who wanted to try him for war crimes. The butcher of Serbia .. The butcher of Serbia.
Blalovic (and terrified her close to his brother): You're bleeding on my brother, How did this happen without feeling it??
Ali: See ya Blalovic .. I see the lights from a distance and see the dawn following the Kaaba swim in the light .. and see the angels Almsomin provide at us from the land of Badr .. I hear great shout .. there is no god but God .. and sincerity, and several Nasr Abdo .. and the most recruited and defeated the confederates alone. They are coming, O our Muslim brothers .. Blalovic around the Earth are coming equestrian wind, and changing the dark and they Egndlon agents of death.
It is not a dream, O Blalovic .. I see .. the fact that they were coming.
On the wings of growing up and cheering.
God is great.
God is great.
Blalovic (assigns his brother Ali, who was bleeding from his shoulder, left hand on his chest .. and thrilling prospects shout Allahu Akbar and the Gentlemen play viewers to participate zoom .. and merge with representatives as directed by the director)

The final curtain
Image Source Sarajevo in 1970

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