Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Salma Farook- Among Top Ten in IGCSE-CIE

Salma Farook, an Overseas Citizen of India from Seychelles clinched a place among the top 10, globally in the IGCSE-Cambridge Internation Exams.

This is about Salma Farook, a 17-year-old OIC (Overseas Citizen of India) from Seychelles, quietly revelling in this achievement of hers' at her father's native town here in Thittacherry in Nagapattinam.
And the excitement is not without reason.

To secure straight A-stars in all 10 subjects at the IGCSE-Cambridge International Exams, internationally recognized by educational institutions and organisations, require a modicum of above-normal will.

Globally, over 100 countries and about 2000 schools follow the Cambridge IGCSE exams – developed by University of Cambridge International Exams (CIE). The exams that host both core syllabus and advanced syllabus is taken at the completion of six-plus-five-years of education (under Indian system, that would be at 11th grade, says Salma). While five subjects are mandatory, Salma Farook chose to appear for all 10 subjects offered by her school. The core syllabus, which is relatively easier and safer to appear for, would also secure a highest grade of just C. “I chose the advanced syllabus, which has in-depth coverage and of course the highest grade is an A-star,” says Salma. And the dividends are evident.

While the exams were held in October 2009 and the results were declared in February 2010, the results after global comparison was declared a week ago.

Globally, top ten achievers in each subject were declared and Salma has secured first in English, third in Biology and ninth place in Geography.

To have secured A-stars in each subject - biology, chemistry, physics, maths, geography, information and communication technology; French as foreign language, English as second language, English as first language and English literature - is a feat scaled just once before, six years ago, says Salma.

On Sunday, couched in the quietude of her father Mohammad Farook's native town of Thittacherry that the family visits every year, Salma has missed out on all the celebrations toasted to her success back there in her archipelago nation.

This girl with a flair for literature and poetry is aspiring to be a paediatrician.

“I love to write….someday, would like to publish a novel.” Perhaps, she has already spilt ink on the course, with three entries to the Commonwealth essay competitions. While the first entry ended with a ‘participatory' note, her two other entries secured a ‘commendable' and a ‘highly commendable' note.

“During my preparations, I wanted a proper study table and that evening my parents got me one,” says the proud daughter about her parental support.

For now, here's wishing - this little girl with inimitable feats, little wants and big dreams - that she resurrects those old diaries with her unfinished novellas and pens for herself all over again.

Source: http://www.hindu.com/2010/07/05/stories/2010070550940200.htm

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