Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winners of Al-Azhar National Quran Contests Awarded

Winners of Al-Azhar National Quran Contests Awarded

-- An honoring ceremony for winners of the Al-Azhar national Quran memorization contests was held on July 18 with presence of Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar University.
According to Al-Yawm Al-Sabi’, the ceremony was attended by Mohammad Abdul Aziz, an official with the university and representatives of Islamic countries.
1649 top participants of the competition received cash prizes amounting to 20 million Egyptian Liras.
Addressing the ceremony, Ahmad Al-Tayyeb said next edition of the contest will be held for centers and research institutions affiliated to the university next year in two categories of Quran memorization and principles of recitation of the Quran.
Four foreign students from India, Morocco, Indonesia and Nigeria were also awarded one thousand Egyptian Liras on the sidelines of the ceremony.
The national Quran contest was held for 34365 students in various branches and departments of Al-Azhar University throughout Egypt and 1649 participants were selected as winners.

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