Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Jummah Masjid of Kilakarai

Common Interest - History
1st masjid of Kilakarai to build in stone. 1st jumma masjid of kilakarai. now at present oldest masjid of tamilnadu with evidence. Nearly 980 years old. buil by arabs, renovated by their generations. Managed by their true generations. with proven records, ibnu batutah visited this mosque which is in his travel notes, Sembiyan mahadevi queen of cholan dynasty donate land to muslims at the time of cholan conqure this place. Stone wrritten words in masjid (kalvettu). like more evidence for this masjid. Oldest masjid of Tamilnadu Historical wonders of India University of colombia, student risha lee researching this masjid.. "Pathan" may be the name of this old masjid.
Old Jummah Masjid of Kilakarai
Kilakarai, India

Recent news
Masjid is now fully airconitioned..
Photos from Old Jummah Masjid of Kilakarai

  Senior Architect Prof Hareesh Visiting Masjid
KaraiKanda Vaanihan KaraiElla Vaaliban invited you
 More info To collect information about proposed constructing work

Senior Architect Prof Hareesh Visiting our Prestigious heritage Masjid at 4pm on comming friday (30th July 2010)

Intrested people with ideas can come and join the meet. Architects, Engineers are most welcome..
How to construct the new masjid? Your veiws & opinions are highly invited.
Please comment your veiws, sugestions, ideas, etc Before 12 Noon on friday. if you are not able to come directly.

We asked architect to have such facilities in proposed newly construct masjid.

1. Old masjid has to be as it is not to be replace or change or demolish , pillars and columns has to be cleaned out from paints, quoted wax & treatmented.

2. New Masjid must arround the old masjid, it must have following Facilities

a) Inner Prayer Hall (500 People)
b) Outer Prayer Hall (700 People)
c) wadhoo & Pipes
d) Toilets (Ladies & Gents)
e) Administration Office with 5 table space
f) Meeting / Confrence Hall (100 Capacity)
g) Big Multipurpose Hall (Marraige, Janasa Prayer, Ifthar, Meeting etc)
h) Ladies Prayer hall (300 Capacity)
i) Library
j) Open Space sitouts
k) Janasa Cleaning Room
l) Store Rooms
m) Power Room
n) Madharasa Buidling with 5 student Rooms
o) 3 Alims Rooms
p) Mu athin Room
q) Open Kitchen, Cleaning Space & Kitchen Store Room
r) 3 shops (Janasa products, Canteen, Islamic & quran shop)

any thing i missed?

Thanks to committee members members of Masjid of Kilakarai 

to allow my small service to get the reward of ALLAH

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