Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 Things Better Than Sex

10. Housework

house chores
According to a National Housework  Survey held in 2006 in Britain, Times Online reports that over 60 percent of woman enjoyed housework rather than sex. 6 out of  every10 women said that cleaning  their houses “made them feel in control of their life” and the same proportion found cleaning “mentally therapeutic”. Three quarters of the women surveyed kept up this regime of cleaning despite being in full or part-time work. Only 22 per cent of respondents enjoyed the process, but 64 per cent found happiness in the results of their labours.
Nearly half admitted some sort of addiction to cleaning; a similar proportion wished that they could cut down, and 4 in 10 said that they were “no longer in control of their cleaning habits” and said that they found more satisfaction in cleaning than in sex. While 80 per cent compared the cleanliness of other homes with their own, 6 out of 10 mothers thought that a messy house would lead visitors to believe they were a “bad mother”.

9. Unwrapping the Present and Finding the Thing You Wanted

unwrapping gift
You have asked your parents for that, they don’t seem to care, neither your boss gives you enough salary so you could afford it nor your loved one seems affected by your wish of having that stunning gadget playing with your fingers, yes you know now that the world is cruel but one day out of a sudden you get a surprise gift and when your unwrap it, you stare at it with your mouth opened and saliva dribbling from one corner and then you regain consciousness and exclaim “oh my gawd! this is what i wanted”, yes that’s the best moment and definitely you’d prefer it over sex. Even better is if you get an iphone sealed in a shimmery wrapper.

8. Sleep


According to the Sleep Well website based out of Stanford University there are at least ten reasons why sleep is better than sex. It says “you don’t feel guilty about doing it alone, no one will start rumours about how much you do it, you won’t complain in the morning about not getting any, you don’t have to pay for it, you don’t need to sleep after sleeping. It can last a good eight hours. (or even more) and while sleeping, you can have sex with anyone you want, and of course it’s legal to sleep in any position whichever country you live in”. A study conducted at the Edinburgh Sleep Center reported that over 79.2% people (out of 8500) preferred good night’s sleep over sex.

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