Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5. The First Zero-Gravity Surgery

5. The First Zero-Gravity Surgery


A team of French doctors said they successfully operated on a man in near zero-gravity conditions on a flight looping in the air like a roller coaster to mimic weightlessness. The five-man team and the patient landed safely at an airport in southwestern France after a three-hour flight, although doctors said the midair surgery to remove a cyst from the man’s arm took only about 10 minutes. Chief surgeon Dominique Martin said the near zero-gravity operation, the first on a human, was not that technically difficult, but was aimed at breaking a barrier in medical expertise.
4. Surgical Repair of a Herniating Heart: Ectopia Cordis

ectopia cordis


Ectopia cordis (EC) is a rare malformation, occurring in 5.5–7.9 per million live births due to failure of maturation of the midline mesodermal components of the chest and abdomen such that heart remains outside the body.

Naseem Hasni was born by cesarean section on October 31st with his heart outside his chest. When Nazeem was born his heart, on the outside, the aorta went from his heart straight into his chest. Doctors wrapped his heart in Gore-Tex, plus a layer of his own skin, and gradually moved it inside his body. Doctors from the Holtz Children’s Hospital, Miami, Florida, USA, carried out corrective surgery on him and said the boy should be able to lead a nearly-normal life. He was in a ‘critical but stable’ condition. At birth, he weighed 9 pounds and 2 ounces, and was 21 inches long.

Dr. Eliot Rosenkranz, one of the surgeons who carried out the operation, said Naseem will have to avoid sports where a blow to the sternum may happen. But he will be able to take part in most other sports and activities. “Certainly the goal is as normal a childhood as he can achieve,” said Dr. Rosenkranz.

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