Sunday, June 13, 2010


No countries surrounding Israel are willing to accept her sovereignty as a nation. American and British did not consider the opinions of the surrounding countries when they created the nation of Israel many years ago. Because no countries around the region were willing to accept the birth of Israel, the existence of Israel from the day of its birth is full of miseries and turmoil. British and Americans should take the responsibilities for the mistake they have made by creating Israel without taking the opinions of the Muslims Arabs that live around Israel. United State of American and Great Britain are the two superpowers that created the nation of Israel in the wrong way. Since Israel began in the wrong way, peace and tranquility has never achieved by Israel since its birth as a nation.
As a nation, Israel does not feel secure, as all the nations surrounding her are enemies to Israel. Israel does not feel secured ever since she was born and the feeling of insecurity leads Israel to practice aggression. When a person is not secure, he or she becomes aggressive. Insecurity leads to stress and stress leads to aggression. Israel has become a very aggressive nation because it began with a wrong beginning. It started wrong and forever it can never become right. Israel recent action towards the ship that carries foods, medicines and peace activists to Gaza clearly reveal her aggressiveness. The ship carry only medicines, food and peace activists and not war ammunitions but Israel attacked the ship and killed many peace activists including many from Turkey.
The action of Israel has drawn international criticism and public demonstration against Israel. The big mistake Israel had done in the incident was the killing of many peace activists from Turkey. Although in the past, the relationship between Israel and Turkey was very good but the sad incident has led to the good diplomatic relation enjoyed previously shattered. Although Israel has poor diplomatic relationship with her surrounding Arab Muslim countries but her relationship with Turkey had been very good. Turkey even had military partnership with Israel. Turkish is known to be a very strong and brave race and although Turkish were not Muslims when they conquered the great Muslim empires hundreds of years ago but later on, the Turks embrace Islam and becomes Muslims. Later on, the Muslims Turks conquered Constantinople and spread the Muslim empires towards the west, up to Yugoslavia. Turks known to be a brave and strong race than the Arabs are. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w used to warn the Arabs not to disturb the Turks. The Turks came to Bagdad to do trading and when the Arabs Muslims did injustice to the Turks traders, their King attacked Bagdad and defeated the Muslims. They demolished the Muslim empires and destroyed the civilization, established by the Arabs to ashes.
Because of the recent attack by Israel on the ship, that carries humanitarian aids to Gaza, Turkey join the group of countries that has enmity with Israel. The recent attacks have increased the number of countries that have enmity with Israel. Israel becomes more insecure and isolated and thus becoming more aggressive. In order to make Israel to become less aggressive the whole world particularly the ‘maker’ of Israel, Americans and British have to make Israelites feel more secured. Many Jews live peacefully with the Muslims in all over the world. What is the reason the Jews cannot live peacefully with the Muslims in the Arab world now. Many Jews live in Medinah at the times of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and they live peacefully with the Muslims. The Jews driven out of Medinah only when the Jews at that time did not comply with the treaty they made with the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and the Muslims at that time.
Many Muslims believe that Allah forever curses the Jews and because of that, many Muslims hate the Jews. Many Muslims think that all Jews are bad and they are not fit to live and many Muslims think it is an act of worship to curse the Jews. They cursed the Jews because they believe that Allah forever had cursed them. Allah never cursed anyone because of their race, color of skin but Allah curse someone because of their bad actions. The Muslims should not think that all Jews are bad and must be curse. Jews are the same as any other race and among the Jews, there are bad as well as good Jews. We should give values and respect to a person not because of their race but because of their actions.
The actions of the government of Israel to order their soldier to attack the ship on peace and humanitarian missions were wrong. The Jews who do those actions should be curse and brought to justice. Allah and the whole humanity curse, and hate those actions. However, the Jews do this because the Jews think and feel that they are insecure. Israel will forever feel insecure as long as American and the British are not doing anything to bring Israel and all the countries surrounding Israel, to a discussion and meeting table. All the countries that are neighbors to Israel should be call to the meeting. As Muslims, we should be kind to our neighbors. Muslims should not try to drive the Jews out of Israel as Allah has made them to become our neighbors. Allah has made the Jews to live among the Muslims and the Jews should not drive the Muslims out of Israel.

Jews must not regard the Muslims as enemies and the Muslims too must not regard the Jews as enemies. Political people and those who want power and wealth would not like people to live with peace and harmony. When people live in peace and harmony, political people cannot become popular and powerful. Many Jews leaders as well the Arabs are propagating the sentiment of racism. They are spreading the fear that the other side is trying to take our lands and to drive us out of our homes. The fear created by the opportunists is sufficient to make the region to remain forever unstable and turmoil. American and the British are not trying to eliminate the fear that makes both sides to become aggressive. As Israel has more sophisticated weapons, and feel more insecure they become more aggressive than the Arabs do.
Both the Jews and the Arabs can live together in peace and tranquility. A treaty shall be made not only between Israel and Palestine but also with all the countries surrounding Israel. The war between Israel and the Palestinians will continue forever unless the fear that both parties have eliminated. Israel will continue her aggression against Palestinians who are unarmed and fight only using stone and sand. Americans and British are responsible for the aggression done by both sides and they should dismantle the aggression by negotiating a treaty between Israel and all the neighboring countries.
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
June 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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