Monday, June 14, 2010

Mega ( food ) Biryani-----Mutton Biryani - How to cook Biryani, (video)

Once prepared, the Biryani stood the test true to its fame, as it tickled the taste buds of food enthusiasts.
“It was really nice, the Biryani (rice delicacy) was really yummy. It had all the things (ingredients) in it,”

Mutton Biryani - How to cook Biryani, Recipe by Sfehmi

Biryani is eaten at festive occassions. It is not an easy dish to cook, however, I have tried to show the whole process in easy steps. Hope you like it.


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Uma said...

Wow...awesome picture...wish I could cook such a tasty Briyani :)

Seяendipity said...

And what on earth does this have to do with Lakme and it's Sunscreen promotion ?
Kindly explain.


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