Monday, June 28, 2010

Aging and Related Changes-1

Palaniappan Kandaswamy

Aging and Related Changes-1

It is a very interesting phenomenon to watch the mental changes of a person as he advances in age. The pity is that he firmly believes that he has not changed even a bit. If anyone makes the sad mistake of pointing this deficiency, it is better to watch your step. Nobody accepts that he has changed due to age especially on the negative side.
The audibility is the first casualty. When you say something from his back, he invariably turns and says “eh! What is that?” You have to repeat what you have said earlier. One does not have any hesitation to wear specs but everybody seems to have great embarrassment to wear a hearing aid. This is in spite of the fact that hearing aids have become much sophisticated nowadays. They are almost invisible to a casual observer.
It is very distressing to note the suffering of such individuals in a gathering. Somebody asks for something and this man catches only a phrase of it and goes on tangentially. The other man is perplexed. Those who know his defect and watching this affair are helpless. It is an all round embarrassment.
On the domestic side, his family has to endure an everlasting ordeal. Unless the man gets reconciled to the inevitable, there will be all round misery. He doesn’t  keep quiet. He wants to know what others are talking about. It becomes very difficult to tell him the subject matter. Whenever he finds two people talking in a low voice, he gets a suspicion that they are talking only about him. This doubt never gets out of his mind. So his domestic harmony is shattered.
Aged people should understand their position and adjust to the changes magnanimously. Then only they can be happy and also make others happy.
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