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During the early twentieth century, nearly all Muslim countries colonized by the non-Muslim countries. Since non-Muslims have colonized Muslims, generally in the minds of Muslims, non-Muslims are better than Muslims. Muslims tend to believe that non-Muslims are superior to Muslims. Muslims students go to study in non-Muslim countries and when they saw the higher living standard of non-Muslims when compare with the lower living standard of Muslims in their own countries, the superiority of the non-Muslims over Muslims becomes more vividly clear to them. Muslims feel inferior over the non-Muslims and as a result, Muslims tend to follow whatever the non-Muslims do. Muslims all over the world start to follow the way non-Muslims eat drink and live.
It has becomes an understanding among Muslims that those who follows the way the non-Muslims eat, drink and live are regarded by Muslims as modern while those who still follow the way the Muslims eat, drink and live are regarded as traditional and backward. As a result, Muslims who follow traditional ways also tend to follow the non-Muslim ways of life. Because of colonization, Muslims have become highly subservient to the non-Muslims way of life particularly to the Westerners who had been colonizing them for centuries. As long as in the minds of the Muslims they feel they are inferior to the non-Muslims, Muslims will never be able to progress more than the non-Muslims. As an example, the Malays being Muslims will never progress more than the non-Muslims will, as long as the Malays feel themselves to be inferior to the non-Muslims.
I think the Palestinian Muslims as well as the other Arab Muslims also feel themselves to be inferior to the non-Muslims. Generally, Muslims all over the world feels themselves to be inferior to the non- Muslims and this has resulted in Muslims not progressing as the non-Muslims do. Muslims leaders all over the world should embark on the therapy to eradicate the feeling of inferiority that had prevailed among Muslims. In one of my journey to Aligarh in India, one of the Indian Muslims Professor that was with me remarked, except Malaysia, other colonized countries are undeveloped. He makes that statement to me since to him India remain undeveloped in spite of gaining independence in 1947. He admired the progress that Malaysia has made in all fields since her independence and he admitted that among the colonized nations of the world Malaysia is the most develop.
In my opinion when we want to developed our country we must eradicate from the mind of the Muslims that they are inferior to the non-Muslims. Having the feeling of inferiority will not make the Muslims to be innovative and inventive. The feeling of inferiority will make them to be contented and complacent only to follow and to copy the non-Muslims. As a result, Muslims follows almost anything that the non-Muslims do because they think whatever comes from the non-Muslims are good. Whatever the non-Muslims had not done, Muslims become skeptical to do. Since Muslims has accepted the west to be better and superior, Muslims tend to follow the west blindly. This wrong mindset and believe make the Muslims to become backward and inferior to the west in all fields. As an example, the British had colonized Malaya and the Malays particularly look up to the British as their Tuan Guru. The Malays regard their Tuan Guru as always correct and better than them and they follow and copy whatever the British do in almost all fields. Some Malays follow the British even if it goes against the orders of Allah and in religious term, this known as taksub.
We sent our students to Britain to study, we follow the British systems of education, we develop our constitution following British Constitution, we take our holiday in Britain, we support British football teams and we admire their players more than our own. All our actions clearly show that our mind and believe are still being colonized by the British. We have not achieved independence of mind and soul from the British although Malaysia has gained independence from the British 53 years ago. This happen to us because we have not made any effort since independence to free our mind and soul from British colonization. We still regard the British as our master or Tok Guru in all our undertakings.
I admire Tun Dr Mahathir, our fourth Prime Minister because he did try to free the mind and soul of Malaysians from British colonization. Tun Dr Mahathir has come out with the slogan Malaysia Boleh and instead of sending students to only Great Britain students also sent to Japan and Korea. It was during Tun Dr Mahathir time, Malaysia developed to greater height. Unfortunately, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi the Prime Minister that follows him does not follow the footsteps of Tun Dr Mahathir. During Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s time, the slogan, Malaysia Boleh not used often and during this present Prime Minister, Dato’Seri Najib the slogan changes to One Malaysia.
The slogan One Malaysia does not eliminate the feeling of inferiority that Malaysians have in general and the Malays in particular. The slogan One Malaysia is for the unity of Malaysians and it is more of a political slogan of Dato’ Seri Najib to counter the slogan Malaysia Malaysian proposed by Lim Kit Siang of DAP. Now DAP comes with another slogan, Middle Malaysia to counter the slogan of One Malaysia. These slogans are political tools to shows that the present Government is a caring government and it takes care of the needs of every one. It is not the same as the slogan developed by Tun Dr Mahathir, which is to develop positive mindset and correct believe among Malaysians, particularly among the Malays. I have mentioned my criticism about the slogan in my articles Tun Dr Mahathir, the Great Statement of Malaysia CLICK.
Some of the slogans that can be used to develop positive mental outlook and correct believe of Muslims are, Allah with me everything I can do. Allah with me I am the best. I obey Allah I am successful. I work hard I obey Allah. I love to do the work of Nabi. The work of Nabi is my work. I do the work of Nabi Allah is with me. Whatever I want, I ask Allah. None can give harm except Allah. I love Allah, I obey Allah. Allah loves me I got everything. None I fear except Allah. I dare to fail, I do not fear failure. I fear other than Allah, Allah is not pleased with me. I fear Allah, Allah love me. I work hard, Allah loves me. I work because it is the order of Allah. I work to please Allah. I work hard I am successful. I am lazy, I am a failure. Allah with me, I can do all types of work. Some of these slogans can be repeatedly spoken prior and after any meetings or in the beginning or in the end of any assembly in any offices or schools.
These are some of the positive words that we can be used to installed positive mindset and correct believe among Muslims. The work to installed positive mental outlook and correct believe should be the first step taken by all Muslims leaders in all Muslim countries in order to make the Muslims to advance and progress. When the mindset and believe of the Muslims are correct, other developments will certainly follows. The slogan, Allah with me everything I can do, Allah with me I am the best, should be the slogans of Muslims all over the world. I hope all the Muslims leaders in all Muslim countries should ponder and think about my suggestions seriously. I am ready to talk on these very important topics to all of you in all Muslim countries.
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
March 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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