Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Malays have not established any great civilization in the past. We have seen the rise and downfall of great civilization like the Romans and the Persians. The Chinese as well the Indians have also established great civilization in the past. The Malays have established the Sultanate of Malacca which last only about hundred years and finally collapse in the hands of the Portuguese who came with only an army of about one thousand four hundred people .The Portuguese easily conquered Malacca .The Chinese have built the Great Wall of China and the Indians have built many buildings that remains till today. The Malays have not built anything in the past and there are no remnants of any building built by the Sultanate of Malacca that we can see remain till today. What remain in Malacca are the buildings made by the Portuguese and the Dutch. The Malays have not made any buildings strong enough to remain till today and this strongly indicates that the Malays are basically simple people and have not established any great civilization in the past. They are very simple people who welcome almost everyone who are kind and good hearted to their lands.
The warm and simple qualities of the Malays have made the Malays to easily accept Islam as their religion. The Malays easily get attracted to Islam and to the early Muslims who have come to their lands to preach them to Islam. Islam as a religion that teaches people to be kind and tolerance are very much appealed to the Malays. The Malays are the people who love peace and they do not like wars. Although the Malays are previously Hindus but when they were call to embrace Islam they easily relinquished the Hindu religion and accepted Islam. When the Malay Kings accepted Islam then the Malays as a whole accepted Islam. The Malays are the only people in the world who have accepted Islam with peace. The Arabs take a long time to embrace Islam and till today not all Arabs are Muslim. There is no race in the world that race and religion is synonymous. Malay must be Muslim and no Malay is not a Muslim. Any Malays who has embraced other religion other than Islam is not regarded by other Malays as Malay. The Malays are well known for their good and submissive qualities and they are never known as conquerors. The most important point is that the Malays have embraced Islam even though not a single prophets has ever been sent to the Malays
The condition of the Malays before they embraced Islam is much similar to condition of the Arabs before Islam. However the Arabs before Islam live even more simple life and more uncivilized than the Malays. The Arabs mainly live in tents and moved from place to place. The Malays are peace loving people while the Arabs are war loving people. All Arabs are not Muslim but all Malays are muslim.The great point that the Malays have above all other races in the world is that all Malays are muslim.The Malays must used Islam to unite the Malays rather than using the factor of race to unite the Malays. Other races do not have this great point to use in order to unite their people Although Islam starts from the Arabs but even the Arabs cannot use Islam to unite the Arabs but the Malays can use Islam to unite the Malays. Once the Malays are united then the Malays have the power of one. One means undivided, one means unity and one means power and strength. Once the Malays are united then the Malays will become a great race and only then the Malays can establish great civilization that spread in the entire world.
The Malays must be smart and used Islam to unite the Malays. The Malays must grab this great opportunities to unite the Malays. It is a very difficult task to unite the Malays on the basis of race but it is much easier task to unite the Malays on the basis of Islam. In order to unite the Malays on the basis of Islam the first task is to make all Malays to have the same goal or desire like the desire of Muhammad s.a.w. The desire that all Malays must have is the desire to please Allah the Creator of the entire mankind. In order to please Allah the Muslim, which is the Malays, must work to fulfill the desire of Allah like how Prophet Muhammad s.a.w works to fulfill the desire of Allah. What is the desire of Allah? Allah desired that all mankind to believe that there is no God except Allah and to obey the orders of Allah in the way of Muhammad s.a.w. If the Malays do the work like how Prophet Muhammad s.a.w do the work and call the Non Muslim to accept and recite the kalimah I bear witness that there is no God except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah, then Allah will make the Malays supreme above all races in the world as Allah has used to make the Arabs supreme above all others when the Arabs do the work of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Dr Nasoha Saabin
January 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Source : http://mthago.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/the-malay-as-a-race/THE MALAY AS A RACE

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