Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sustaining beauty in Mauritius

Mauritius has been named sub-Saharan Africa's best-governed nation, but Jonny Hogg discovers it is not all paradise on the Indian Ocean island.
Flic et Flac beach Mauritius
Tourists are drawn to the unspoiled natural beauty of Mauritius

"We got married on Sunday and we decided on Mauritius because it really is the ultimate honeymoon destination."
Victoria, like many tourists, has come to Mauritius for the holiday of a lifetime.
The alluring combination of perfect white beaches, hot sun and famously good service attracted over 900,000 visitors to this small Indian Ocean island last year.
"We come here every year," one South African couple said as they enjoyed the soft sand and tropical blue sea in the north of the country.
"It is really magical." 

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