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A culture of migration

Mohammed Mlitan

There are many causes of contemporary migration, but they generally fall under what can be regarded as inappropriate in the country of origin, whether a cognitive, economic, social or political.. It is possible to claim that a culture of migration is a universal culture of humanity, not only the peoples of the third world countries, and not specific to the country's poor and the poor, all countries receiving immigrants from other races, and abandoned at the same time their children to other countries achieve the dreams that can not be achieved the country of origin, in addition to that it was important not to reduce immigration in the fact that a culture with a purely economic character, though this motive is the most prominent and most powerful among these other Hijri.

 Arab peoples and their governments, both parked in a position coarse immigration, supports this position the concepts of social and ideological been promoted through the speech is immigration a major source of pollution of the cultural, social and political threat to the Arab societies as made up name: security, cultural and political, social and economic, which considered a symbol of Arab States, sovereignty and dignity and sap ..!  What to pay towards the establishment of organs of «security» anti-immigration «secret», without interest, or even pay attention to the importance of creating services, «scientific» investment means an investment of immigration, and discuss ways to Crantha and transfer of the case of «secret» of illegal status «loud» not only legitimate but welcome.
Welcome migration not being the source of the flow of funds to some countries from the sweat and effort children of migrants, as this flow is an important source of national income year, but the fact that migrants are able to do the change in the country of origin and the other destination alike, as the country welcomes the host brains and expertise, capabilities and skills add to its cargo, and return to her country of origin with a tonnage of knowledge and skill gained in practice, which is unable to grant students a vast majority of the Arab educational institutions to mention the most basic elements of the status of «educational.
 Arab governments and peoples of the demand now more than ever, the attention to immigration and to encourage and deal with it as a really positive should be supported, rather than negative behavior must be suppressed, but perhaps one of the duties of emerging governments, to respect the human right to move, but it should encourage him to migration according to the scientific programs will not cost the state qualifying immigrant under the pretext of preparing to be able to act positively with the new surroundings and culture host, but to facilitate the migration front of him and guide him to the better suitable to him, rather than random migration, while ensuring the integrity and to facilitate his return to his homeland whenever he wants. . This does not lose its association with the home country of origin, do not feel vulnerable and marginalized in the new country, which may require to work on the concept of «home», so that is a reformulation of this concept to be suitable to be multiple not Hdanie, as is prevalent in Arab culture.
. It can be argued here that the contribution of people in human knowledge will be measured by its contribution to international migration, due to the contribution of migrants in the cultural exchange and knowledge and their output of isolation and alienation.  . Which tends to be seen as positive as actors, not on the level of their home countries, but on the level of cultural rapprochement among peoples. . This approach places the responsibility of cultural Arab governments and societies is to work to take a negative load on the shoulders convention «migrants» and paving along the conventional matched in the Muslim tradition, where is the «migration» symbol to celebrate the history and celebration at the head of each year.
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Published in the journal Awan Kuwaiti الثلاثاء 2009/12/22 Number: 756

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