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Intellectual and change: the effectiveness or illusions?

Intellectual and change: the effectiveness or illusions?
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Mohammed Mlitan mohammad mlitan
By / Tarek Aelkeziri

(Ideas rule the world)
Has since been fired by "Plato" and saying "ideas lead the world" (Ideas rule the world) is enhanced in many moments of history, most notably from Dan when he repeated his world, surviving the Great Depression: "John Keynes". And self-evident that this argument gives the owners of ideas, and professionals - as fans - to write, their share of pride transcendent, being the people of leadership and change ..... Right or not.
And is a question between the intellectual, political, and whichever is more capable and more effective, a project for the degree of infatuation, have become terms as: the historical responsibility of intellectuals and effective social, and the role of the elite, and the impact of the book in the production of awareness, the role of culture change, the link Revolution intellectual production and creativity ... Became all popular, and to sit by the munificence of the cultured, returned with the pinnacle of pride, the most prominent actor, or the most important in the life of the community and society or the country .. etc.
But is this true?
Does it sound like the changes and transformations in the meeting and politics, owes the ink, paper and printing machines, and then Web sites and blogs??. Eicherh to us as one of what the mechanism by means of which thought to do and leads to change?. Not be the case closer to the legend!!. Harp, and went without any scrutiny and ascertains.
Let us forget the thought, and look for change, as long as it is intended to authenticity, to consider how changes were fact, and how changes or cracked Astenkvt. Certainly we can not only shorthand "in violation", but more importantly is to promote a different vision for the lacuna on the subject, and approach are also different.
o Why did Jesus care to confirm that, "confirming what came before the Torah," continued the Koran confirms and states, tribal society in Mecca and the Arab world as "the religion of your father Abraham is Smakm Muslims by"? Any level of awareness of travel to this letter, which was returned in the change already?.
Still the spread of Christianity and Islam, a matter of consideration and deservedly so. Christianity growing religion on earth, Islam spread faster, to a record unrivaled, are unique phenomena and their impact on the communities in which Chrepetthm, make them, models for change unusual and very useful for research.
o Why did the Islamic conquests stopped in France when the "court of martyrs - 732 m," Islam was leaked to Western Europe, as it did in large parts of Africa and Asia, without wars?. Even the Sultan Selim I decided to go out of Europe, but only Bulgaria, "The Battle of Kosovo - in 1389!". If we know the geographical conditions of the fact that the Muslims in Andalusia, and the length of seven centuries, makes suspension failure in the arrival of Almslemen of the depth of Western Europe, beyond the issue of equipment and Alimadadj and the strictly military aspects. We know the extent of change caused by the introduction of Islam, the culture and meeting everywhere.
o Do the ideas of Voltaire and Rousseau really grounds for the French Revolution? How could being led by Louis XVI to the prison, carrying with him Voltaire wrote? Whether Voltaire means of revolution and change really the time? Or the meaning of the revolution gave him another historic? Voltaire is sent to the Revolution? Or the deployment of revolution is thought Voltaire?.
o Did the call can be successful, "Hassan al-Banna" - Brotherhood - he had not raised the slogan of the Islamic caliphate and restore, as the title most to him?. Succession that did not collapse at the time only a relatively short period, remained absent wound is insulting to the Muslim armies swept the Crusaders and the Franks, their home, has "delayed and provide other"!.
o why the spread of leftist thought a socialist and communist, in the same areas that we inherited later Asahoi Islamist thought? And whispered many similarities for motor and Altotiri, between Leninism and polar "Sayyid Qutb"?
o Why consult a "revolutionary Marxism" in Latin America, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, and is still rising, albeit in different forms?. At the same time represents the followers of Christian churches in their countries, the largest number in the world, and a sense of Altkadisi, continues unabated. How Marxism and were in keeping the church together, and any sense of the depth of my faith are gaining salvation there?.
If we want to return the content analysis of the previous queries: You can decide - in the case of delivery of its validity - data, which implied, that:
1. That the rationale for its own sake is not enough, there is a deeper level is determined by the attitudes of acceptance and rejection. If the rational that there should be means of advocacy of the prophets is not feasible, or non-productive. Islam and Christianity, two distinct phenomena
2. That there are barriers that look like Baldaimp, closer to the characteristics of communities, as a result of conditions of great depth, and germination as well, dictated by the reality conditions for the game admission and exclusion, regardless of the balance and consistency of return.
3. May be the significance and meaning of the text or the prevailing thought or Mnthomp intellectual and a cultural, quite different connotations for the same thought and SELA in the skies again, and in anti-maybe.
4. Public awareness as a result of the rally, assembly, more than persuasion, do not think that the crowd satisfied but followed, which means that the construction is on the balance of essential within the crowd itself, must have fitted this thought or other, not because this thought was convincing or cogent, according to the logic of the masses and not individuals.
5. Coexistence of opposites in a community or awareness of what, portability and the reality of cultural and civilizational given to them, means that there are similarities deeper, or contradiction is not effective President, but the merits of the other, overlooked consideration IPVPN advance, motives other than the consideration of abstract knowledge.
If logical coherence and argument is self-sufficient, and the varying social acceptance and rejection for the same invitations, ideas and facts, and that the collective agree to Aicod his conviction, but consensus and collusion, how to be thought is driving the change?
At least here we get to the stage to reduce the exaggeration pride luxury for the owners of the pen and thought ... In the cloak and many others ... This if they have a basis Psoha ...
For the rest of the interview ... 

المثقف والتغيير : فعالية أم أوهام ؟

امّـاطين emmateen

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