Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Historical Background: What is the Turkistan?

Islam was introduced to East Turkistan (leaving "and" Stan "and meaning the land of Turks) since the conquest, the Great by Qutaybah ibn Muslim Baahili (88-96) Hijri. Then remained Turkestan homeland for the Turks, Eastern Muslims, an independent state for several times in history it was invaded China and colonized by the Emperor's forces in 1759 and during the ensuing years resisted Tunaio Turkestan occupation, and fought on several occasions against the occupiers, in the year 1864 could Aliigeor expulsion of Chinese Manchu of the Turkestan, and set up an independent government that lasted for two decades, but the Chinese empire was able to control once Other East Turkestan in the early 1880 declared in November 18, 1884 that East Turkistan is the province's nineteenth-China, and its name (Sheng Jano) any new limits or new land in China. In 1933 continue jihad of Muslims to revive and revitalize the State of East Turkistan In in 1944 succeeded the struggle of Muslims and obtained independence, and continued until in 1949 when the allied armies of the Russians with the Chinese and were able to overthrow this government, and stressed China would then hold on Turkestan. Turkistan rich in oil and natural gas, raw uranium. Muslims represent the majority not the minority, but they occur between two major powers led to the suffering of the Muslim people Baturkstan East.

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ليالى تركستان لنجيب الكيلاني

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