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Many claim that they are practicing Islamic medicine because they used Quranic verses in their treatment. Many tend to believe that the treatment is Islamic when   Quranic verses are used. In other words, all treatments that do not use verses of Quran are non- Islamic. Islam enjoins truth, forbid evils and the practice of medicines based on truth or based on the principle of Quran, and Hadis is an Islamic Medicine. Allah has created humankind and only Allah knows how men can become healthy. Allah has created men from clay and Allah has installed into men the soul and the mind. Men are made of body, mind and the soul. Islamic Medicines must treat not only the body but also the mind and the soul CLICK . Islamic medicine is a holistic medicine CLICK.

The current medical treatment is not Islamic since it only treats the body. It is not holistic. According to the Quran, the soul influences both the mind and the body. However, the mind and the body do not influence the soul. When the soul departs the body, both the mind and the body are not functioning. The health of the soul influences the health of the mind and body.
Relationship between the soul, mind and body
In other words, our mind and body will not be healthy if our soul is not healthy. Since current medical treatment, does not treat the mind and the soul, no diseases can be cured. Current medical treatment mainly treat the symptoms of the diseases or asymptomatic in treatment. Medical treatment based on Quran and Hadis must be able to treat the soul, mind, and the body and it should be able to cure all diseases. Although medical sciences recognize the existence of mind, body and soul but they believe all the three component of mind, body and soul are influencing each other. They believe that the soul and the mind influence the body and the body and mind influencing the soul. This relationship is not true since when the body is hurt, the mind and the soul are not hurt. In case the soul leaves the body or the person is dead, both the mind and the body cannot function.
The way man believes and think influences what man do. What men do influences the health of the body. How a man led his life, determine the health of the man. In other word, lifestyle has direct correlation to health. A person leading a wrong lifestyle will becomes unhealthy and a person leading a good lifestyle will become healthy. Allah is the One that give health and sickness. Allah destines a person to have good health when he or she led a good lifestyle and Allah destines a person to be unhealthy when he or she leads a wrong lifestyle. The best lifestyle is the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. This principle is in accordance with the Quran. In the Quran Allah says ,whoever has the correct belief and correct actions will be bless with a good life in this world and a good life in the life hereafter.

Allah values correct belief and correct actions and the destiny of men in this world and hereafter influence by his or her belief and actions. Good health is the result of our own good actions and sickness is the result of our own bad actions. When a man has wrong actions, he will have stress. Stress effects his digestion and bowel movement. Whenever a person is always in continuous stress, he or she will have indigestion and poor bowel movements. Because of indigestion and poor bowel movement, the body will have poor quality of blood. The poor quality blood results in tissues inflammation and finally leads to diseases. This is in accordance to what Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, the centre of health is the stomach and if the stomach is good, the blood will be good and the person will get good health. If the stomach is bad, the blood will be bad and the person will get ill health. In Islamic medicines diseases are the result of men own actions and not because of the actions of others such as the Jinn or the germs.

Jinn’s will have power to cause problem to men when men have belief that beside Allah Jinn can also cause problems .When men have the correct belief that none can do harm to me except Allah then Jinn will have no power to cause problem to men.The germs cannot do harm to men except with the permission of Allah. In the bowel there is good and bad germs. When men have wrong actions because of wrong belief then men will have stress. When men are in continuous stress, the number of bad germs will be more than the good germs. When the number of bad germs is more than the good germs, men will have poor bowel movement that lead to poor quality of blood. When blood quality is poor, the immune system will be down and men will be easily susceptible to the infection of bad germs and get diseases. In Islamic medicines diseases are the result of men own actions and not the actions of others. When men correct their actions, men will get good health and when men’s actions are incorrect, men will get diseases?

When the actions of men are following the orders of Allah and in the ways of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w men will be healthy. When the actions of men are not following the orders of Allah then men will get diseases. When men actions are wrong because of wrong belief, Allah makes the Jinn and the germs cause harm to men. When men actions are correct because of correct belief, Allah makes the Jinn and the germs to be beneficial to men. None can give harm or benefit except Allah and Allah decides to give harm or benefit in accordance to the actions of men. In Islamic medicines, utmost importance given to the correction of men behaviour, the type of food men eat, the way men eat and body exercises. These constitute in Islamic medicines as the main principle of good health CLICK. In Islamic medicines, drugs are only use to relieve symptoms of diseases and not as the principle medicine.

The principle treatment in Islamic medicines is to make the person to change to good lifestyle and to start the treatment of the body with the treatment of the bowel and the stomach CLICK . In Islamic medicines, the initial attempt is to cure the diseases using correct lifestyle and foods as the main medicines. The main medicines used in Islamic medicines are good foods and correct lifestyle. Drugs and surgery are practice in Islamic medicines when all attempts to cure the diseases failed. The truth is in Islam and Islam teaches only the truth. The principle of Islamic medicines must be base on the truth. Islam does not teaches falsehood and any medical practice whereby the principle underlying it is not according to the Quran and Hadis are not Islamic medicines, although it may use in the treatment verses of the Quran.

Recently the students from the Medical Faculty of University Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian Kota Baru Kelantan have invited me to give lecture on Quran and Science. About six hundred students attended the lecture and I guess from their response in the question and answer sessions they like the lecture. All praise to Allah. I was delighted to give the lecture on the topic but on the concept of Islamic Medicines, I have touched very slightly. They request me to write more on these issues and I hope this article has fulfilled the request. In case any students group from any universities like to invite me for a lecture on any topic, please contact Mr Shahrul Nizam 012 6267945.
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
March 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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