Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Vegetables contains minerals and preferably taken raw. Meat, fish and chicken also contains minerals and preferably taken raw as the Japanese do or cook slightly. When we cook meat, fish and chicken it is advisable to steam, boiled or baked. When we cook our food at high temperature, we destroyed the minerals and vitamins in the foods. When we fried our food, we make the oil, which supposed to be unsaturated to be saturated. When the oil becomes saturated, it becomes unhealthy to our blood vessels. Although oil is important to the body as most oils contains good fat that our body needs, but we should take oil in its raw form. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w eats olive oil in its raw form. Olive oils contain good fat, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous and significant amount of vitamin E and vitamin A. Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant. When we fried our food even with olive oils we will lose all the minerals, vitamins and even the monounsaturated fatty acids, which are in olive oil become saturated. When we compare our health with those that eats foods in raw form, we will find that those who eat foods in raw form are healthier.

It is very much advisable not to fry our foods and to take foods in its raw form. We should eat vegetables raw and to eat ulam is healthier. We should boil the vegetables that contain latex as boiling will destroyed the latex poisonous to our body. Generally, foods taken raw is healthier than when we cook the foods. We like to eat tasty foods and we do not like to eat healthy foods. In order to make our food tasty, we cook our foods in such a way that we lose all the minerals and the vitamins in the food. We eat to enjoy our foods. We do not make our foods as our medicines. In order to remain healthy we have to takes various supplements and unfortunately, the supplements are in inorganic forms and not easily absorbed by our body. Although we take various supplements, we remain unhealthy. Our children do not like to eat vegetables and they grow malnourished of certain minerals and vitamins. When we become sick, we visit the doctors who give us only drugs to alleviate our symptoms. We continue our wrong lifestyle and we continue to remain unhealthy. We cannot blame anyone including Jinn, except ourselves for the sickness that we are having.

When we are stress, we tend to lose our minerals and when we eats good foods cook in good ways, the minerals lost by the body replenished. When we do not eat good foods and we do not cook our food correctly, we do not replenish the body with the lost minerals. In this situation, the body must take the minerals that are lost by the body from the organs in the body that stored the minerals. When the body is deficient of silicon, the body must take it from the hairs, nails and the skin that store the minerals. A time will come when our hairs will be deficient of silicon. When our hair is deficient of silicon, it turns whites. When are stressed we lose our minerals and when the minerals are silicon, stress can makes our hairs turn white. Prophets Muhammad s.a.w once said with approximate meaning, the revelation of this verse makes my beards turn whites. Fear is stress. Stress makes us to lose our minerals. When the minerals that we lost are silicon, our hairs will turn white.

Since young, our Prime Minister must always be facing stressful situation. I think he is a soft-spoken person who likes to keep his worries and fear to himself. He has become a person with responsibilities since he was young. He became people’s representatives while he was still below thirty years of age. He seldom gets angry and when he gets angry, he kept the anger to himself and his face will turn red. In my opinion the stress that he was facing since becoming people’s representatives and later on as ministers, Deputy Prime Minister and now as Prime Ministers in a span of about thirty years have turned all his hairs including his eye’s lashes white. He should take treatment for his stress. He should take care of his foods. We must make prayer that his health will forever be good until he died.


Dr.Nasoha Saabin
April 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Source : http://mthago.wordpress.com/category/health/

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