Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who knows better? Doctor or patient?

Who knows better? Doctor or patient?
Sometimes, you as a doctor have an opinion and decision regarding a diagnosis and plan of management that is not matched with the patient mind.
· Patient is telling doctor that he is critically ill and cyanosed.
· By the way, the monitor shows his O2 saturation is zero and BP is zero over one!
· Doctor insists that patient is OK and tells: you will not know better than doctors will.
For example, one case of atypical chest pain in a middle aged female. Her first ECG was normal first set of enzymes was normal. She received NSAIs in vain. The internist in ER decided not to discharge here, as doctor believed that patient is always true. In addition, put her as C.P. for Investigation. Then, Patient has AMI and managed in CCU. If this doctor did not believe in-patient and said doctor knows better, patient might be missed.
NB: This is the matter of our post this week.
If you have any experience regarding this argument, tell us.
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Who knows better? Doctor or patient?

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