Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unique madrasa with exemplary teachings

Setting a unique example of communal harmony and oneness, a madrasa in the city of the Sangam is teaching the Vedas, the Bible and the Quran under one roof.

Situated in Kareli, the Islamic Educational and Research Organisation (IERO) is engaged in the task of spreading the message that 'God is One'.

''All holy books teache us to spread love and shed hatred and violence. They carry the single message that God is One,'' IERO president Ziya-Us-Shams told UNI.

''Many people are unware about these messages as they have not read the holy texts thoroughly,'' he said.

Informing about the objectives of this unique madrasa, he said, "Our motive is to enlighten children of all religions together.''
"The Children are taught about every community to broaden their views as part of the society. A course was introduced in the syllabus in the last session", Shams added.

''We have also established a library, where books of all religions are available,'' he said.

"The respect for each other's religion could be enhanced with this simple mode of education", he added.

''Generally, people do not want to read the books of other religions. But on flipping the pages, they get to know that it is just the same,'' he further added.

The move had received vast support from people both at local as well as national level. It was being extended to other districts too.
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Unique madrasa with exemplary teachings:

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