Friday, April 9, 2010

Fugitive From Justice!

After escaping from an arrest warrant granted by a London court for being accused of committing war crimes, Tzipi Livni, the Israeli former Foreign Minister, held a press conference to declare that she is "proud" of all her decisions in the Israeli war against Palestinians during Christmas last year!
It's important to record that the Israeli war was condemned by several states and international organizations. Nothing was out of the attack; hospitals, infrastructure, roads, water stations, schools, mosques and UN centers were all attacked under the claim that leaders of Palestinian resistance exist there! The result was killing 1330 victims including; 418 child killed, 108 woman killed, 88 elderly killed and 14 of medical crews killed, plus 5450 wounded with a percent of 50% children and women, and 90% of the wounds are caused by the internationally banned White Phosphorus. The reasonable description for what happened in 22 days is "Genocide".

The encouraging act of the British court that resurrected a glimmer of hope in achieving international justice is threatened now by the shameful declarations of UK's Prime Minister G. Brown of welcoming Livni in England, and the declarations of British Ministers of looking urgently at reforming the law to avoid future warrant against Israeli officials!
It's a serious threat against human rights and international justice. When policy interferes the work of justice, then all war criminals will escape the just penalty.

British government is put now in an embarrassing situation. It's required to choose one of two choices; the political relations with a government accused of committing war crimes, or chasing war criminals giving them the penalty they deserve. Which will win; Policy or Justice?

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