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Anger is a behavioral disease. When a person easily gets angry then anger has become a disease to him or her. When a person is angry, the brain produced neurotransmitter that affects the adrenal and the thyroid gland. Adrenal produce adrenaline and thyroid produce tyrosine. When the thyroid gland produced tyrosine excessively, a person may starts to become overactive and violence. Anger is behavioral diseases and it is the outcomes of wrong believe and wrong mental outlook. We can cure anger when we can cure the wrong believe and wrong mental outlook. When anyone tends to gets angry easily, they must cure the diseases. Many have to end their marital relationship because one of the partners has this disease. Many children run away from homes because one of their parents or both of them have this disease. Many are not aware that anger is a behavioral disease and when not cured it may lead to many unpleasant outcomes.
What makes people angry? A person gets angry when he or she is stress. What is stress? Our body gets stress when the body tried to achieve balance. Our body is always in equilibrium and the body wills works hard to maintain the equilibrium. When the body is not in equilibrium, the various systems in the body will works hard in order to achieve the equilibrium. We may get angry when people do not listen to our instructions or we may get angry when people criticized us. We may get angry when we do not get what we desire or we may get angry when the foods are not cook according to the taste that we want. Some peoples easily get angry even on trivial things. Some people easily get angry but they recover easily from their anger. Some people are not able to control their anger and while others can and they kept their anger to themselves. Can we get angry? Is angry an evil deeds. When can we get angry and when anger is a virtue? Anger is not a virtue since Prophet Muhammad s.a.w never gets angry even to his servant. We should not get angry so easily and if we do, we should try to control our anger. We should not get angry even to those who disobey Allah but instead we should remind them about the orders of Allah and make doa to Allah so that Allah will give them guidance.
We get angry because we believe everybody should be like us. When they do not have the same opinion as we have, we get angry. We like only those of the same skin colours, having the same opinions and come from the same race and groups. We think when we are the same in everything then we will be able to live in harmony. Allah has made us different and we cannot make everybody the same. We are not the God that created men. Allah has created us to be different so that we know each other. We cannot hate the Jews or any other race because they are different from us. Men only differed in the eyes of Allah in terms of their fear towards Allah. When people have different opinion towards our movement we should not get angry. When we get angry, we start to have abnormal behaviors. When we get angry, we starts to use obscene words and we start to curse each other and call them with obscene names. When we believe we are always right we get angry when people criticized us. When we believe that we are on the right path, we get very angry when people say we are deviated. When we are angry, we behave and act abnormally. It is advisable that we should not work, writes or do anything when we are angry.
Anger is a behavioral disease. In order to treat behavioral disease we have to treat their wrong believe and wrong mental outlook using self-talk therapy. Many have taken these treatments and it works remarkably well when the person takes the treatment as prescribed. When we are stress, we may get angry. As times goes on the stress causes damage to the thyroid gland. When thyroid gland undergo acute inflammation, upon stimulation it over secrete the hormones tyrosine, which causes over stimulation of muscles and heart. When the heart and muscles are over stimulated, it causes over activity .In this situation, when the person becomes stress he or she will become angry and violent. Such person will not only become angry but also becomes violent. During the period of anger, he or she may even break the doors, throw the dinner plates or hit anyone that is accessible to him or her. Everyone gets angry and that is normal. Allah does not order us not to get angry but Allah ordered us to control our anger. When we cannot control our anger, we need treatment, as uncontrolled anger will lead to other unpleasant circumstances. If you need treatment on anger, please contact Shahrul Nizam 0126267945 or the clinic 0361853089.
Dr.Nasoha Saabin
February 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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