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Messages to the women of light

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Messages for women made of light Some women have beautiful faces ... However, they become more beautiful while crying. Nizar Qabbany-Arabic poet I want to describe their beauty. May God give me power to write! Amen.
Some women and Johann beautiful and becomes beautiful when crying Nizar Qabbani ***************************************

I want to describe the beauty. Help me, O Lord, grant me the strength to type. Amin They are beautiful women but they are beautiful when dedicating or Tstchehdn.

    * Rachel Corrie
    * Widow of the martyr Ghassan Kanafani Ms. Danish (Anne)
    * Sister of Cherie Blair
    * Princess of hearts of the Arabs
    * Mehaidli and states and nymphs of the South
    * Hajo and all young Arabs
************************************* This is the first messages to the young Rachel Corrie came to us and we died

Do not tell me about you? From any light creatures of God? Do you like us, creatures of clay Vtsamy to light? Or are you an angel to us are enshrined in the world of humans? Not talking about yourself! O St. criticize in a time when the purity and purity Why did you come to us? Guli us why what I did not move and what not to enrich our reputation. Volsntna weaker than the pronunciation of these words, our minds do not know how to combine these terms. Our ears and knows how to fill when it comes out words Intifada and the Arab army and Hamas and the resistance. While an echo in the words of us turn to surrender and phrases normalization and new definitions of enemy and friend. We have our hearts parallel words years ago, do you send it to us from just a lest Ntg in the balance? Pour the ears, then the words of the Pearls and Amnhina good tree. And if you want things definitive word Vcoli and really bright. Akarzy poems, and Qusay Ansjy stories and novels. Zionists have been killed Ghassan Kanafani and no longer calls us from the maternal Ghassan. Mahmoud Darwish, and died and did not time our mothers on hand such as tall so far. I went and Emile Habibi Bot flame idea withheld all the oppressed of insults their stories. I have taught you not being too generous Tbkhlin we saying? Why did you come to us? Do you want the truth? You do not deserve us to ransom. Deficit dooms men into the innermost parts of women. Could Amutaihm Atkp Arabism and the power of Khansaa. Akgelty have a generation of men did not Isth since his adolescence only when thee. You are young and female affected by his case and went a passenger on the boat to defend him? Why did you come to us? Would you spoke about you and the victim's body wasted your blood and your faith in our cause. Of God, you sent? Is your ministry Holy Virgin Mary? Mazacalt you come to us and you leave behind you all the world? Any words or scenes affected you, ye go forth to us? Are we even missed emotions felt by women at a distance of miles away. Any defective hearts did not flee to the rescue of her brothers, but did not flee to God. I am sad, O Anstey precious we disable our hearts a feeling of luxury but at the same time Ramahi well in the band, and sometimes fighting in the fabrication of excuses to hesitate to help each other. Not all of us if you want to be fair. Why come to us? To Ngerina? Do you just made your body burn fire by snipers? Is your spirit settled as a ransom for each of these children? Unfortunately it does not Tnqzy spirit and not flesh and their lead was still seize every day lives and lives? And with that have not changed .... Us must change my Anstee. Of words from our deeds of our names out of our clothes of our language Required us to change now and forever. Will not add X procrastination will not only put the will of God is not dependent Tocla. God is the scourge does not change unless the straw and others and ourselves what we can only invite him to forgive us a perfect contrition from Hinna. Now we are all of Palestine and all resistance and all of us and all of us Egal Z. We are all one. In this Velinqmwa us more if prayer was that they may grow and anger. I tell you: I have a message to us did not Nfgahha well. *********************************

Young American arrived, with difficulty, to the aftermath of news releases, was not alluded to the subject only briefly and without any details. In the "New York Times," for example, published about her death in detail and presented a story says that the young woman was killed in an open area while she was kneeling in front of the bulldozer military, as do members of her organization, her colleagues in all their protests. And her friends said that even the speaker who was in possession of enough not to make the driver stop before Aydosha.

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