Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Messenger +18--Adults only+imagination Stage

Messenger +18=Adults only+imagination Stage

make_up_man: Pedicure, Manicure , facial , fat reducing, hip shaping massage, leg shaping, secret hair removing.for womens
mcxarun: where?
make_up_man: chennai
mcxarun: i am in baglore
make_up_man: ur als
make_up_man: fine age ...
mcxarun: 28
make_up_man: good nice
make_up_man: married?
mcxarun: any idea about dantruf
mcxarun: yes
make_up_man: ya sure ya... are u male / f
mcxarun: female
make_up_man: ok fine ya ... childrens?
mcxarun: 1 daughter
make_up_man: hmmm fine this problem is new ...? after child or alredy had
mcxarun: past 30 years
mcxarun: after child
make_up_man: hmmm if u dont mind do u have nay foto of ur hair
mcxarun: not now
mcxarun: i didn't take
mcxarun: i use alcear shampoo
make_up_man: hmm fine .... is ur hair dry / wet / oil
make_up_man: chech ur head skin is dry ? or some wt oily before apply oil
make_up_man: do u having any harmon problem?
make_up_man: past 30 yrs
mcxarun: no
mcxarun: oil skin
make_up_man: ok fine may i know some personal some wt deeply
mcxarun: what?
make_up_man: do u have any dipressed mind...
mcxarun: not like that
make_up_man: are tensed type
mcxarun: but some times i got angry
make_up_man: ok dandruf are difrunt type ... alergy type, or phycological problem
mcxarun: may be alergy
make_up_man: can i ask some personal question
mcxarun: i was in tamilnadu 4 years before
make_up_man: oh
make_up_man: ok
mcxarun: when i came to banglore
mcxarun: its started
make_up_man: hmmm
make_up_man: hmmm fine madam ... ur name pls
mcxarun: aruna
make_up_man: nice name... bt before i want to know some extra personal if u alow to ask
mcxarun: go ahead
make_up_man: height and weight pls
mcxarun: 5.4
mcxarun: about 60/65
mcxarun: not clear
make_up_man: hmm u looks slim or some wt stout or...
mcxarun: normal
mcxarun: not so fat
make_up_man: ok then fine ...
make_up_man: in chennai do u had child or after blore
mcxarun: in banlore
make_up_man: so after children ... hmmm, after children do u chenge ur food habit ...
mcxarun: not to seems to be
mcxarun: but in banglore we go often hotels
make_up_man: ok fine ... after children do u change ur sexual activites with ur hubby til date
mcxarun: nothing change
make_up_man: i mean weekly 4 time to 2 time or/ 2 to 4 times
mcxarun: 2/3
mcxarun: is this important for dantruf?
make_up_man: yes ya coz it may affect ur phycology
make_up_man: this caution hair loss /dantruf etec
make_up_man: etc
make_up_man: so that i asked clearly
mcxarun: ok
make_up_man: how do u feel about ur bathing water
make_up_man: salty? or normal
mcxarun: little salty
mcxarun: its bore water
make_up_man: in chennai?
mcxarun: there also
make_up_man: where are u in blore
mcxarun: but in chennai i used to wash my head weekly once
mcxarun: here lots of dust
mcxarun: so need to wash 2 days once
make_up_man: oh
make_up_man: hmmm ok why dust coming ... can u cantrol that ?
mcxarun: banglore city like that
mcxarun: we can't do anything
make_up_man: oh ... fine ... are u working ?
mcxarun: not now
make_up_man: before u were in software right?
mcxarun: yes
make_up_man: ok fine wt technology ya?
mcxarun: not directly software
make_up_man: oh
mcxarun: but working in software company as buisness promoter
mcxarun: thorugh phone
make_up_man: hmmm so u have sweet voice...
mcxarun: maybe
mcxarun: i don't feel that
make_up_man: hmmmm vrey comm
make_up_man: not boasting
make_up_man: nice perosn u r
mcxarun: thanks
make_up_man: dont use shampoo for dandruf
mcxarun: then?
make_up_man: coz if u use u have to use continously
make_up_man: and this may loss ur hair
make_up_man: so use chikakai powder
make_up_man: coz this is simple dust dandruf
mcxarun: o
mcxarun: which product is better
make_up_man: better if u have nay lesure time at home
make_up_man: ?
mcxarun: ya i have
make_up_man: perpare urself no prduct is geniune, meera is some wt less chemical...
mcxarun: ohh
make_up_man: use shampoo monthy onece or twise
mcxarun: ok
mcxarun: is this for skin also
make_up_man: do u have long hair
mcxarun: because i have oily skin
mcxarun: not so long
make_up_man: hmmm ya chikakai is good for all skin...
mcxarun: ok
make_up_man: another thing it wont creat side effect...
make_up_man: do u want more soft skin
mcxarun: i didn;t use that before
mcxarun: yes i want soft skin
make_up_man: ok fine do u do waxing ?
mcxarun: no
make_up_man: thats fine or hair removing cream?
mcxarun: no i didn't use that
make_up_man: then very simple normaly ur body having less hair am i right....
mcxarun: yes
make_up_man: then my guess is u r 100% female..
make_up_man: exept some area
mcxarun: maybe
mcxarun: i don't know what to say
make_up_man: hmmm tell wt u think in ur mind ... i am a open book
mcxarun: nothing
mcxarun: i just asking about beaut tips
make_up_man: i would like to say one thing..
make_up_man: can i say
mcxarun: sure
make_up_man: beauti comes by internal activitice not by exteranal cream are u agree this one
mcxarun: yes
mcxarun: but why peoples using cream
make_up_man: these kind of cream will help 0.01% only pa... supose your not sleeping properly ... none of cream will not help to give the rubber band skin
mcxarun: yes u r correct
make_up_man: same thing u have to keep your body minarals properly...
mcxarun: mmm
make_up_man: how can i say... if u dont mind can i say some example ...
mcxarun: tell
make_up_man: if u are doing intercourse with ur hubby ... vitamin c loss is more ... if u loss vitamin c your skin wil not get proper wet ness
mcxarun: ohh
make_up_man: you can check yourself
mcxarun: this is new information
mcxarun: strang one
make_up_man: no its proven thing ya ... ithing 1984 californiya univercity
mcxarun: ohh
mcxarun: whats the solution?
make_up_man: can i say one deep information
mcxarun: tell
make_up_man: in peak level u will get one liquid from vagina u know
mcxarun: ya i feels that
make_up_man: that has 90.3% vitamin c
mcxarun: ohh
make_up_man: solution is simple take one orange after sex.... its very simpel but followers are less
make_up_man: or simple oh simpel lemon juice
mcxarun: very very useful thing u give
mcxarun: thank u very much
make_up_man: may be
make_up_man: can i say one very very use full tip
mcxarun: please
make_up_man: do u wear jeans/ saree
mcxarun: saree and suti only
make_up_man: coz some wt u have belly right
mcxarun: little
make_up_man: hmmm belly may come diffrent resaon ... you can reduce ur belly with enjoy manner
mcxarun: how?
make_up_man: if u dont mind can i ask some quest ?
mcxarun: ask
make_up_man: intercourse duration time
mcxarun: about 10 minitus
make_up_man: i think its very short ... its ok he while doing wt u do same time ... idle or any action
mcxarun: nothing
mcxarun: i feel little shy
make_up_man: nothing to shy pa...
make_up_man: think i m ur Dr.
make_up_man: ok
mcxarun: mm
make_up_man: that time you have move ur hip for her action ... if u do that you will reduce 40% hip fat ya
mcxarun: ohh
mcxarun: but its difficult na
mcxarun: how its possible
make_up_man: 5min he shold be top ... after 5 min u should be in top
mcxarun: ohh
make_up_man: simple pa... wts ur peak level time pa
mcxarun: about 6 minitus
make_up_man: oh bt i cant accept ..
mcxarun: not sure
mcxarun: i didn't note that before
make_up_man: girls minimum peak time is 10 to 20 mins
mcxarun: maybe
make_up_man: if u not in mood it will take 20 min aps
make_up_man: pax
make_up_man: aproxmatly 20min
mcxarun: i did not be notice that
make_up_man: hmmm some girls like u only pa... without mood they accept the intercource ... while he got peak that time girls get started mood
make_up_man: time missmatch
mcxarun: i thought its for me only
make_up_man: no no its mostly 60% gals pa
mcxarun: ohh
make_up_man: coz hubby not avare of girls phycology and like and dislike
mcxarun: maybe
make_up_man: u konw gils physcology is depence opon the menses time
mcxarun: yes
make_up_man: fisrt 15 days they are cool and like funny
mcxarun: more or less 20 days
make_up_man: secon 15 they will get anger if they naot satisfided
make_up_man: oh ok thenku iwill correct
make_up_man: it
mcxarun: peak week more tension will come
mcxarun: and also stomuch pain
make_up_man: hmmm yes
mcxarun: head ache also
make_up_man: hmmm
make_up_man: yes
make_up_man: guys like me .... no issue .... if some one not have enough konledge to handle the angels
make_up_man: it will create problems
mcxarun: mmm
make_up_man: gals are very very shy type u know
mcxarun: yes
mcxarun: i can't say such a things directly
make_up_man: common ya tell me ... i am ur good friens hmmm ok va
mcxarun: ok
make_up_man: hmmm shaer ur dislike through it out from ur mind tell me pls
make_up_man: share
mcxarun: i am not feel now anything
make_up_man: hmmm
mcxarun: and now i thinking about hair only
mcxarun: no idea now
mcxarun: better u ask
make_up_man: ok wt u not feel good mind or health
mcxarun: abt health only
mcxarun: mind is ok
make_up_man: ok ... according hair problem... right?
mcxarun: thats also
make_up_man: for this reason u not interested in intercouse
make_up_man: ?
mcxarun: not like that
mcxarun: for that reason, i am shy to go anywhere outside
make_up_man: oh .... ok ok ... dandruf is very common u knw... even i too have mild dandruf..
mcxarun: ya some of frinds also having
make_up_man: can i ask one ... do u lost more hair
mcxarun: but they never care abt that
make_up_man: hmmm me too never care coz for this reason i never worry da
make_up_man: do u know tamil
mcxarun: some times its gives trouble
mcxarun: ya
mcxarun: i know
make_up_man: ok dont worry da ... neenga mamiyar illa mamanar kuda irukingala
make_up_man: i can feel u have some problem ... but u have to tell clear pa
mcxarun: no
mcxarun: they are in tamil nadu
mcxarun: nothing problem here
make_up_man: fine ... ya ... then normaly gals feel themself they got more age ... so they avoid to go out side
make_up_man: am i right
mcxarun: may be
make_up_man: can i ask one personal thing
mcxarun: ask
make_up_man: do u do self ?
mcxarun: what?
make_up_man: self ya... how can i say .... if u should not feel shy i will tell
mcxarun: i can't understand
mcxarun: do u asking abt bath
mcxarun: or hair wash?
make_up_man: no ha ha
make_up_man: no ...
mcxarun: driving?
make_up_man: u so cute lovely gal
make_up_man: hmmm no .. sweet
mcxarun: what u r asking?
make_up_man: hay i like u .... u are inocent
make_up_man: ok let me explain...
mcxarun: is it big thing
mcxarun: i need to go for cook
make_up_man: not much
mcxarun: still i didn't make lunch
make_up_man: oh ... ok u carry on when will u come back ya
mcxarun: evening or tomorrow
make_up_man: ok can i add my frnds list
mcxarun: sunday usely we go purchase
mcxarun: so maybe monday
mcxarun: ok
make_up_man: accept pa
mcxarun: send
make_up_man: ok take care ... take rest ... dont think unwanted things
make_up_man: ya i added u pa

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