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Indicators of vulnerability ... And the inevitability of change

Indicators of vulnerability ... And the inevitability of change

Sheikh Hassan Qatrgi

Tracker did not suspect any of the status of the Islamic world in a note to two phenomena:

The first: the growing Islamic awakening and the space of religion day after day. This is not at the level of Islamic societies, but at the global level also because of the large number of acute crises in the world and the bankruptcy of Western civilization in their values and their humanity in exchange for that Islam is the religion of God which is full of instinct and convince the mind and satisfies the heart and fills the soul of happiness and community justice and mercy.

And second: the large number of competing issues and events that constitute a clear indication is now attracting the eyes of all the intellectual elite to the conscious (Gthaiip) The role of the nation-wide and weighing the international, political, cultural and social forces which the inevitability of change.

We can monitor the events of the following serious in recent weeks:

In Palestine

Took Jewish government decided to combine the Ibrahimi Mosque and the Mosque of Bilal Ibn Rabah to Jewish heritage, a past mistake vigorous of Judaizing Jerusalem, and held a ceremony in front of the world - in a provocative step to the feelings of the Muslims - the occasion of the opening (the synagogue destruction) in the March 16, 2010 at the prophecy Sun rabbis in the eighteenth century AD in preparation for the demolition of the Aqsa Mosque and build their alleged temple prophecy also says the alleged superstitious.

On the Arab level

Held a week later at the Summit of Arab and clearly demonstrated how fragile and rupture of betrayal and the official Arab system. Among the farce that has emerged from it shamelessly decision of 22 Arab countries to Jerusalem to donate 500 million dollars - the amount that can be donated five of the wealthy Gulf - in return for the Jews will allocate 14 billion dollars annually procedures for Judaizing Jerusalem only!!

In Lebanon,

Reached the level of vulnerability raises the boiling point also raises nausea when he arrived at lightly by Muslims (the people of absurdity and lightness) up to a recommendation by prosecutors wanton havoc on the Muslims of coexistence and openness .. Recommendation to the Lebanese government to make the Christian Feast of the Annunciation feast for Muslims also in the development of new developments to pay a tax abduction of the religious establishment and the interests of Muslims at the hands of secularists, who erected a false and a betrayal of the leaders of the Muslims ... That holiday provided Trutilhm church on (that God sent his angel to the Virgin Bbcry reflect his only son in her womb clean) Almighty God far above what they describe, and they ascribe to Him! We do not know what is the relationship of these Muslims Walshrkiat? It is right in the legislation of holidays in Islam?! Questions draw the muftis in Lebanon and the opinion of Trustees who have not Inpsoa word!

So the obligation to work for change towards the restoration of this nation's dignity and the rule of the legitimacy of its debt obligation and a necessity ... This requires clarity of the curriculum and minds of the wise and divine truthful and determination of the Mujahideen and the blessings. Oh God, are invested to serve your religion and nation, restoring the dignity of your Prophet peace be upon him and restore your law arbitration and liberate Jerusalem lover peace be upon him from the taint of Jewish rapists. Oh God, Amen. 

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